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Havit : TOP 10 Travel Music for exceptional headsets | Designed to suit your active Lifestyle

Traveling is building memories in unexpected harmony. So everytime your on the road, it is wise to consider playing the best music that will elevate your mood. The spirit of your travel depends on how you set the melodies and beats in an equal proportion where you can engineer the gravity of thoughts and emotions.  Playing music on trips is more evocative than looking at photos. A photo might trigger a memory, but the right song will trigger a feeling. 
As travellers, we learned to keep an eye on how to stabilize the sharp edges of all the unacquainted thoughts that may drive us along the way. A great travel starts with great music, but great music will never be possible without appropriate choices . So without any further ado, lets hit the list:

10 One day baby will be old by Asaf Avidan& Mojos
This Israeli pop artist has became a sensation since 2006 because of his catchy lyrics with sudden changes in tone. The group disbanded by 2011, but it never been a hindrance for singer/son…

Teami : Dirty but Heavenly

"Indeed, Milk tea is and will always be an undying craze for everyone"

There are days when you feel like sipping that cold milk tea or craving for that chewy boba pearls, right? Twenty Nineteen was technically the year for milk teas. Tons of milk tea shops have opened up, variety of flavors were offered, and your sugar-intake—we’d rather not talk about it. Let’s start this year right with a cup of creamy milk tea.
I’m pretty sure you will say that you’ve already tried almost all of the milk tea brands—maybe not yet. Or you’ll say that “they all taste the same”—think again. There’s a new milk tea shop that is really, really one for the books. My sugar-intake isn’t that high that you may think that I’m sugarcoating everything. Joking aside, you shouldn’t miss TEAMI Milk Tea because they offer different kind of milk tea that you will surely love.

One of the few things that makes them different from others is that they don’t use creamer, they only use fresh milk for their products.…

Mister Yum: Dynasty of Ardent Flavors

Misteryum Brings Affordable yet Delicious Food Since 2015

        I grew up eating a lot of Chinese food since my parents love it too so I have grown accustomed to dishes like Chow Mein, Wanton Noodle and the dumplings I actually crave for a lot but usually dishes like these are quite expensive and usually the cheaper counterpart is not really at par to ones I had as a child but luckily I was able to stumble upon a place that offer affordable Chinese cuisine in San Juan CIty!
Misteryum has been established since 2015 and it has been serving affordable Chinese cuisine ever since.

One of the things they do offer is that although their food is affordable it doesn’t skip on the taste and authenticity of food similar to the ones in Hongkong since the father of the owner has passed the recipes he had cooked back in Hongkong.
Their location is actually beside Santolan Town Center which is where most major transport units pass from Tanay going to Quiapo. It is quite small so the nearest landma…


PayMaya is introducing a new way to pay online using only the account holder’s mobile number called “Pay with PayMaya”.

Through this new service, users no longer need to enter card details if they want to pay for their purchases online. All they have to do is log in using their PayMaya mobile number and enter the OTP that they receive on their phone to confirm their purchase.
Reasons to use PayMaya:
- Convenient. No need to enter long credit/debit card numbers. Just log in to your PayMaya account to pay for your purchases online.
- Secure. A One-Time PIN (OTP) is sent to the mobile number linked to your PayMaya account to verify each purchase.
- Fast and Instant. No need to prepare cash for COD purchases, because they are already paid for using only your 11-digit mobile number.

📌How to pay online using PayMaya?
1. Log on to your favorite online shop and add your orders to your card
2. Proceed to checkout and choose the online payment
3. You will be redirected to PayMaya Checkout. Cl…


ZOOMANITY GROUP’S “DINNER IN THE DARK” “Open your eyes and heart for the Blind”

Ever wonder what it would be like to be blind? Get a chance to open your eyes and heart in their “dark” condition at a special dinner event called “Dinner in the Dark” by Zoomanity Group. This great cause will give you a unique experience of dining in total darkness and understand how it is to be blind.

Zoomanity Group, one of the leading companies in the park industry, hosted a series of “Dinner in the Dark” for the benefit of the visually impaired people thru Zoomanity Foundation. This exceptional event aims to create awareness amongst us what it is like to lose our sense of sight and appreciate it even more. Guests had a 30 minute orientation before the dinner that was held in different Zoomanity parks and restaurant. During the dinner, the participants’ sense of sight were totally diminished then their other senses took over was heightened. Wonderful scents and sounds, and beautiful music, were experienc…

A Magical Night Experience at ZOORI

A Magical Night Experience at ZOORI

If you are looking for a magical way to spice up your night, ZOORI at Tagaytay is definitely the place to be. Black Magic is a sequel presentation of magic shows tailored with a touch of wizardry, voodoos, and witchcraft. It’s a one frightful show that will surely give you goose bumps and heart stopping surprises.
And for our Christmas season special, get thrilled with our upcoming show “White Magic”, an early Christmas gift that will give you a one full slay of fun.Be prepared for a variety of thrilling moments and breath taking performances geared up for a one remarkable experience. Also watch out for our amazing animal show and a thrilling ride in the zip line.
ZOO at Residence Inn is a perfect get-away vacation spot in the heart of the majestic beauty of Tagaytay. With a very comforting Carribean-style air conditioned view-deck hotel rooms enjoy a tranquil haven of soothing ambiance with complete and clean amenities and facilities. Have a look to …


November 20, 2019 - a night full of glam and celebration. Friends, partners and media gathered to celebrate BIOESSENCE @ 25. Attending this event made me feel proud to come from MINDANAO as the owner of BIOESSENCE started it's humble beginnings in DAVAO and now celebrating her victories in Metro Manila.

BIOESSENCE was started by Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero in 1994 and with over 32 branches Nationwide and 25 years in the industry of beauty and wellness.

The celebration was indeed fit for all ages as everyone was encouraged to come in their 20's flapper look and it was a JAZZ NIGHT filled with food and cocktails. Everyone was delighted to celebrate and participate in the different games and take selfies or groupies while seeing familiar or not so familiar faces around.

Some of the celebrities and influencers I was able to talk to were Janelle Tee and About Raf.


When I was diagnosed with PCOS in my mind I thought clearing my skin from acne was close to impossible. There were days when I did not want to go out of our house to avoid criticism, being looked at or even getting advise from people on how to clear my face. 
It was taking a toll on my confidence and even life that I would not go out without having make up on. It usually takes me 1-2 hours to prepare before even just going to the grocery or running errands and I feel like those are time wasted that I could save if only I had clear skin.
After months of struggling I had to do something about it and I decided to visit a skincare clinic. I was searching and I found DERMCARE as it has affordable if not the most affordable package in the market. 
Along with constant visits to their clinic, I availed of some of their products and after 3-6 months my skin cleared .
I was able to go out without make up on again and I was confident with my skin.

DERMCARE Has Been In The Industry Taking Care Of…



SM CITY BACOOR,CAVITE - The grandest and most sparkling Christmas celebration is officially in town with SM Supermalls’ Grand Magical Christmas Parade kick-off at SM City Bacoor. A dazzling and spectacular musical parade with colorful floats of Princesses, mascots, and lots of Christmas characters including our all time favorite Santa Claus invaded the mall, bringing excitement, magic and fun. Kids were thrilled at the sight of these friendly and charming Princes and Princesses who made the show even more magical and enchanted. Delighted shoppers cheered and sang together with the Christmas Characters as the cuddly mascots were dancing to the beat of the newest SM Christmas Jingle.

Joining the festive and wonderful celebration is Jean Adelice Panal whose social media video went viral for being too cute even when crying as she and her family goes to SM. Also present is SM Senior Assistant Vice President for …