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Gangnam in Manila : Samgyupsarap

    Behind the vibrant stories from the ubiquitous number of Asian novelas, Koreans are getting closer as they top again Philippine Tourist on 2017. According to Bureau of Immigration,  Koreans registered a total imbound traffic of 1,467,982 from January 1 to November 30. On the other side, back on 2009, we can still remember how the "Boys over flowers", a telenovela series marked their first apearance to our local tv channels. There is no doubt that our heart has been captured since then. As the years pass, we developed our passion to listen to their music and also follow their fashion trends. Even their food  is able to reached our Filipino plates. For almost every mall you can find korean restaurant, but what makes a difference to a restaurant is how they manage to adjust their prices without compromising the taste and quality. Probably the easiest way to describe this is to visit a litte restaurant lying along the streets of Sampaloc, not

Tasting India inside Manila : Ponggal

       It's a sunday afternoon and I'm in the middle of nowhere as I count the buttons of a snug fabric but not skin tight red and blue chekered polo. The time is idle, nevertheless it's also a perfect timing to make the day less predictable. Everything is set and ready to go for somewhere else. Sun is brightly shining around two o' clock with some      raindrops showering from the sky. I didn't get the chance to count how many times this sweet phenomenon has taken the rain down to moisturize the humid air. The long road lined with old sasafras trees , the faded letters of delectable street signages and loud honking from rushing people driving their cars have fed my eyes a busy, yet a graceful and lovely afternoon. After around 30 minutes of travel, it seems like forever before I noticed that the car has stopped already. We finally arrived at our destination. As I grab my legs to move out of the car, I easily recognized an attractive dining set-up cover

Im flying at Plane Bistro

Flying on an airplane is a lot of splendid things. Do you know that an average number of 47,000 flights are being recorded daily. Sound like a lot but since we are living in a world full of innovations and high-ending technology, these abrubt changes on status quo however seems to become normal. Besides from time to time growth on general science and technology, millenials have also able to develop personality and new sets of taste and expectations. For example, when a person look for a place to eat, unlike from the usual scenario of finding suggestions from friends, the action can take place by (1) Finding reviews from social media (2) Viewing pictures of the food and menu from the internet (3) Asking friends or sending private messages containing inquiry to a restaurant's facebook page (4) Finding a good concept of place with unusual designs, themed or having an extra furnitures and ammenities. Probably one of the considered product of modernity with touch of  milleni

A home away from home : Javana

Its a gloomy afternoon, streetlights up and down, horns screming loud as the car passes down the narrow road with people chirping on the streets and fancy colored tarp with bold letters printed to greet holiday wishes are almost everywhere! It is indeed that the "Season of Giving" is coming! Though December haven't stepped to the calendar yet, being a filipino, this excitement is natural as we celebrate many fiesta and festival that has become very endemic to our culture. Last saturday was a busy day, nevertheless, it was also a good day for me to meet my friends. So after work, I rushed to Sampaloc. Though heavy traffic is predictable, I still had the chance to come over to a place my friends recommended. JAVANA SIZZLING FOOD HOUSE Address: 1809 G. Tuazon St, Sampaloc 1008 Manila, Philippines A humble restaurant seems to behold a lovely atmosphere of a home where large variety of great tasting food, mostly filipino cuisines are being served pa