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There’s nothing quite like a pizza. Nearly, most of us Filipinos flock to the classic Italian dish that is now accessible anywhere. But not all can give you the satisfaction you expect. Sometimes you need to get lost in able for you to find a perfect place.

Before anything, let me start by giving you few informations about this classic Italian dish.

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1. The word "pizza" came from the italian word "pittsa" which means pie.

2. First pizza was served on 997AD from the town of Naples, Italy.

3. Cheese is the main ingredient of all pizza.

4. Hawaian pizza was created by a greek man named Sam Panopoulos.

5. August 15 is the Philippines National Pizza Day.


During a gloomy sunday, my friends and I decided to meet each other to relax and unwind when an abrupt cravings for pizza came to us. Its a great time for us to talk and eat while preparing ourselves to face another busy week. Being fortunate enough, by a research, we discovered an interesting place.

Located at Quezon St, Tondo Manila, we found Big Slice Pizza that offers genuine and high quality pizza at very affordable price. Probably, your first question is how does it taste. Well, the taste went above and beyond expectations making us excited to be back soon!



- First, you need to find your way going to Divisoria. From there, you can ride a jeep going to Don Bosco and just tell the driver to drop you at Quezon Street. Your landmark is the "Generics Pharmacy". Big Slice Pizza is just a 3-minute walking distance away from the pharmacy.

OPTION B (Grab / Uber)

- The place is very accesible. But if you wish to save time and avoid hassles, ofcourse using WAZE and Google Maps can make it happen.

Below is the link for better view :,+Quezon+St,+Tondo,+Manila,+Metro+Manila/@14.6159318,120.9624449,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x3397b58afd69d4e1:0x62c02e75ac2c6c0


A 43-year old engineer, Mr. Eldie de Castro have been able to maintain and develop his recipe for three years now. He started selling his pizza for the store inside university of "Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila" and currently supplying stocks for another store inside "Espiritu Santo Parochial School". Having a proffession away from culinary, Mr. Eldie was able to create his own recipe thru research, help from his loving wife and prayers to Almighty God. He is a man devoted to his family with outstanding courage to challenge status quo that has been providing him rows of growth development and innovations. What a man!


The menu offers 8 different flavors of pizza. Mr. Eldie recommended us to have the "Four Flavors" tasted since we are newbies. This choice is clever because it combines four different flavors of pizza in one plate. (Ham and Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaian and Beef mushroom)

What makes it more clever is you will have an opportunity to compare each other and gets to choose your favorite pizza.

* My friends and I chose to have beef mushroom and hawaian as winners among four.

The crunchy base, followed by distinctive layer of soft bread with cheesy palette of zesty spices that gently dances with the juicy sounds of meat swishing inside your mouth is what makes their pizza to become outstanding.

Four flavor pizza together with creamy carbonara

All the ingredients are fresh and cooked directly from Mr. Eldie's kitchen while the dough is an original recipe that went under certain studies and experimental works to achieve the tasty texture and mouthwatering effect. Mr. Eldie have truly set the standard at how to passionately make these products and baked to perfection.

Pizza burger known as one of the best seller

Besides from pizza, the store also offers pasta, burger, fries and frappé.Look how genuine the amount of pasta they serve:

Creamy and Cheesy Carbonara paired with garlic bread


From the outside, rows of detectable double-decked furnitures can be seen. But as we enter the door, the atmosphere began to change.
Those double-decks are like mini rooms where everybody sits like an indian.

The place also have frames containing scriptures from the bibble

The wallpaper is inspired by spring when all flowers get to bloom and what makes it more interesting is seeing a table at the center making an ambiance similar to my favorite korean novela. If I will have 3 words to describe, it will be:

Thru conversation, we found out that the concept of the place is belongs to the idea of Mr.&Mrs. De Castro's children. It is amazing knowing how each member of the family contributes to build a nice and millenial-inspired business like this.


Our group is composed of 3 persons (including me). You might probably want to know how much did we cost. Well, a detailed budget below is ready to set you free :

✔ 1 order of whole Four Flavor Pizza
(Good dor 3-5 persons) at 260php

✔ 1 order of Carbobara at 70php

✔ 1 order of Pizza Burger at 70php

✔ 1order of cookies and cream frappé at 70php

✔ 1 order of Matcha frappé at 80php

✔ 1order of Triple chocolate frappé at 80 php.

Total amount : 630php 
(good for 3-5 persons already)
Amount per pax will be 210php

For further inquiries, you may call their hotline below:

NOTE : The store opens at 3pm daily

In a growing demand of needs to run a food business, it's pretty hard to find a place where you can eat tasty food with affordable price at the same time.

Visiting this place is truly worthy. The ambience, the  inspiration and the taste will surely conquer the heart of anyone.

So when do you plan to visit?
By any chance you wish to connect, please do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

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  1. Awesome review of some great looking pizza! If I ever am in that part of the world I will definitely put that on my list of places to eat at. :)

  2. Very nicely written. I used to devour pizzas. Now I need to make my own pizzas because of eating plant-based.

  3. Gusto ko yung Four Flavour Pizza, parang andaming cheese! Parang may factory sila ng cheese kasi kahit yung burger pizza at carbonara ang daming keso. It is indeed affordable even with their featured frappes.

    Hope you can visit my blog too!

    1. Yes indeed. Besides that, the food is being handcrafted passionately.

      Hope to see you there and lets have a talk :)

  4. Yum! This pizza is so cute and looks so tasty!

  5. This is really nice post, I found and love this content. I will prefer this, thanks for sharing. Mobile Pizza Catering Sydney.


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