A home away from home : Javana

Its a gloomy afternoon, streetlights up and down, horns screming loud as the car passes down the narrow road with people chirping on the streets and fancy colored tarp with bold letters printed to greet holiday wishes are almost everywhere!

It is indeed that the "Season of Giving" is coming! Though December haven't stepped to the calendar yet, being a filipino, this excitement is natural as we celebrate many fiesta and festival that has become very endemic to our culture.

Last saturday was a busy day, nevertheless, it was also a good day for me to meet my friends. So after work, I rushed to Sampaloc. Though heavy traffic is predictable, I still had the chance to come over to a place my friends recommended.


Address: 1809 G. Tuazon St, Sampaloc 1008 Manila, Philippines

A humble restaurant seems to behold a lovely atmosphere of a home where large variety of great tasting food, mostly filipino cuisines are being served passionately. The ambiance of the restaurant, to say the least, is welcoming and magnificent.

This restaurant is a family-owned business where their initials, friend's initial and beloved dog's initial are infused together  to empower the name "Javana". It circles an inspiring story of three sisters between Adorable, Arlene and Angela. The idea brews up primarily because of their passion to serve below average income earner to savor a scrumptious and well-prepared dishes that is attainable without compromising standard Filipino budget. 

Ms. Angela and his son Aldrin

Growing up in a lively and cheerful family, Ms. Angela Concepcion, a 43-year old mother has established and developed her own recipes. She is a woman of passion to bring her skills to take an extra mile and share this perfectly handcrafted dishes to everybody.


Option 1: JEEP
- First you need to find your way going to SM San Lazaro. From there, take a jeep going to "Lardizabal" and just tell the driver to drop you by G. Tuazon. After that, you  just need to spend good 2 minutes of walking towards the store.

Option 2: GRAB & UBER
- From any point of Luzon. If you wish to have a smooth and hassle-free ride, using Waze and Googlemap is highly recommended.

Please click the link below for better view:

How to get to Javana ?


Javana is situated on the heart of a small town in Manila. It is near the university belt where well-known schools are built. The atmostphere is very placid and homey.

Upon entering the door, you will see the griller where they make their barbeques. It is pretty smoky outside but despite of that, the captivating aroma of freshly grilled meat with nuance of delectable flavor of spices will surely catch your heart. 

As we saunter inside the store, I survey the premises to behold beautiful shades of sun colors and hold frames with picture showing fresh tomatoes, onions, and other basic spices they use. The sun has set already but the the bright color of sun rays still shine to bring liveliness to every guest.

The tables are snow-colored and the whole dining area is air-conditioned. The place is not that spacious but the warm ambiance and inspiring designs makes a vivacious heart to bring smile and cheerful satisfaction to everyone.


The Menu offers a wide variety of astonishing dishes that mostly composed of filipino tradittional food.

As being recommended, we tried their "laing" first. For those people who are not familliar, Laing is a tradittional filipino cuisine composed of sun-dried taro leaves blended with cocunut milk and gently flavoured by tough spices like pepper and chillies. Preparing this dish is not easy since taro leaves may cause irritation to throat if not well-cooked under heat. I still remember my childhood days when my grandmother spend three hours cooking this dish.

The scrumptious Laing.

The recipe originally came from Ms. Angela and as per her, she is the one who personally go to market to make sure all ingredients are ethically sourced and fresh.

So as we take our first bite, the soft and tasty taro leaves with ambrosial creaminess from the coco milk and delectable spicy flavor from cooked chillies are like producing a scrumptious sensation as you let it dance across the palette of your tounge. Tasting this dish is a like time capsule bringing me back to my childhood days as it ends by a dulcet experience and a smile to our face. It truly set a new standard to my buds.

Next, we tried their version of buttered chicken. This indian-inspired dish seems to make way to become a filipino favorite cuisine. Unlike from the common buttered chicken, here they use less oil making the chicken less greasy as well. The chicken is crispy and very tasty. They uses high quality butter to coat the zesty chicken skin. Imagine for just 160php, you may enjoy a very scrumptous buttered chicken good for 3-5 persons already:

 Buttered Chicken

Besides from short order viands, they also offer complete meal in one plate. Javana is known for their sizzling plates with rice namely as :

1. T bone steak
2. Porter House
3. Sizzling Porkchopsilog
4. Sizzling Chicksilog
5. Sizzling Buffalo
6. Sizzling Burger Steak

We tried their Porter house. The porterhouse is a composite steak coming from the point where the tenderloin and top loin meet. The difference of Porterhouse from T bone is the size since it came from the larger part of the cow. It usually marinated with multiple spices to achieve the decadent flavor. 

As we tasted the beef, the lip smaking flavor of the spices will surely start the experience as you chew the soft texture of the tender beef. The porterhouse lies perfectly on a melon-shaped, medieval looking plate, and besides it is a bright-colored turmeric rice passionately handcrafted to make contast to the healthy colors of steamed corn, peas and diced pieces of carrots on the side.

 Their awe-inspiring Porter house

The taste makes no difference from great tasting Porter house you can buy from exclusive steakhouses. What makes a big difference is the price you will pay to savor and enjoy a high-end dish like this. Javana have truly made a Porterhouse dream to reality!

You may now asking how much did we spend for this. Well , a detailed costing below is ready to set those free:

✔ Buttered Chicken  (Good for 3-5 persons) at 160php

✔ Porter house with rice at 150php

✔ Laing at 50php ( 2 orders )

✔  Natural Guyabano shake at 40php ( 2 orders )

✔ Natural Mango shake at 40php

Total is 530php. Not bad for a scrumptous dinner for three.

Visiting this place lies between the description of inspiring and worth-sharing story!

 In a continuous demand to run a business, it is really hard for a growing number of millenials to find a place  where they can eat passionately handcrafted food without spending much. Through  passion and eagerness to spread the joy of eating, Javana have truly lighten the posibility to answer all cravings from average type of people like us !

This is like tasting home away from home.

So when do you plan to visit?

For further details please leave your comments below.

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Muchos Gracias!

Thank you friends!


  1. Kaitlyn: That steak looks so delicious! I often find family-run restaurants take a lot more pride in their food compared to large chain restaurants. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a collection of information! I might take some ideas for the next meal! Keep up the good work!

  3. Love the way you set up this post! Very informative and that food looks heavenly


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