Brewing Friendship : Cozy Kitchen and Café

Seems like the rain has taken forever to come this year, but now that the cold days are back, what is better way to comfort your soul than a steaming cup of coffee?

Just like different origins and types of coffee, we filipinos have different personalities and ways to appreciate food.

Last saturday was a busy day, nevertheless it was also a good day for my friends and I to see each other and have fun. Being an adventure seeker, we prefer to lose the way, because sometimes when you lost, you get chance to find perfect places.

So here we are, finding our selves inside this charming and captivating café that lies along the streets of Sampaloc: Cozy Kitchen & Café


Address: G/F Metro District Suites 1125 G. Tolentino St. 0 (infront of K Residences)


Option 1: Commute / Jeep

BLUMENTRITT-The most convenient way is to to find your way first going to Blumentritt station of Lrt line 1.
 From there, you need to spend 5-minute walk going to the jeep terminal routed to España. Then you just need to ask the driver to drop you by Tolentino St.

SM SAN LAZARO- ride a jeep going to lardizabal and tell the driver to drop you by tolentino st. From there, you can just walk towards the store.

Tolentino St. Sampaloc, Manila

Option 2 : Grab / Uber
- For a hassle-free and smooth ride, using WAZE and Google Map is advisable.

Below is the link you may like to click if you wish to see better view:

How to get to Cozy Kitchen & Café


The Cozy Kitchen & Café is situated inside the ground floor of Metro District Suites. Here they offer variety of passionately handcrafted food and also brew coffee with genuine mix of arabica and robusta beans.

Upon entering the door, a charming and breath-taking design composed of stunning drawings, lively colors and inspiring atmosphere have started another wonder to our eyes.

As we saunter onto the café, I survey the premises to behold smiling people, shielding themselves from worries outside. The sun has set already, but the place bursting with life and exuberance, with chirping people across the floor almost like home.
There is a crib-like room that invites you to a higher elevation with sttuffed dolls waiting for you, below is another crib that has an astonishing painting of magical wings. It attracts many guest to come inside.

🚩 The pose of having wings

A captivating millenial art

As per the converstation  we had with Sir Mags and Ms. Vivienne, the business partners who own the Cozy Café, we found out that the attractive designs were painted by fine arts students from University of Santo Tomas.

Look how they artistically reshaped the idea of Monalisa here:

"Mona pa Kape"

The place is truly an awe-inspiring and incredible haven that will sway all your worries away. If I could have three words to describe it, it would be:
1. Comfortable
2. Interesting
3. Highly-satisfying


The menu is completely driven by variety of pasta, appetizers, coffee, breakfast and lovely beverages.

The Menu

Our first bite were taken from the pesto pasta that was freshly serve with garlic bread, both lies perfectly on top of a flat wooden plate. The pasta is cooked passionately to achieve tasty flavor and the pesto sauce went above and beyond description as it like waiting for a fork to come over. 

The scrumptious Pesto Pasta

Next we tried the "Adobo Espesyal". Being filipino, this western-inspired cuisine may not sound pretty unusual because the tradittion of adobo has become endemic to our culture. Without any further a do, I grabbed the chance to take the first bite. The tangy flavor of the pork from the briny mixture of vinegar, soy sauce and spices is what makes me breath sharply as I pay another glance to the plate: the steamed rice, the beautiful sunny side up egg, and the tender cuts of caramel-colored pork have set a new standard to my buds.

The frshly cooked adobo.

We did not also miss the the opportunity to taste the "Tapa ni Mommy". This genuine cuts of high quality beef, seasoned with salt and spices as agent to develop the flavor is originally came from Ms. Vivienne's own recipe. According to her, being a dedicated mom, she is passionate about cooking great tasting food for her family. What makes a big difference is she serve it to other people now. What a super mom!

On the left corner of the table, a platter filled with nachos, fries and happy potatoes are waiting for everyone to savor. 


Getting Caffenaited

While we eat, a delectable aroma of coffee have captured our attention. Cozy Café offers astonishing variety of coffee. 

The beans are originally sourced from Indonesia and Colombia. They handcraft coffee using genuine mix of arabica beans and robusta beans. A skilled barista demonstrated how he create latté arts like rossette, tulip, swan and even a smiley!

A four-layer tulip

Caramel Machiatto

Then as we gingerly slurp the coffee, a great boldness with hints of cocoa and nuts have empowered the sensation we feel throughout our tounge.

We became very much alive just like how a rockstar performs on stage.

This visit is one of the  inspiring and memorable dining experience we had. Thank you very much Cozy Kitchen & Cafe for this worth-sharing story!

The travel squad 

Treating yourself is rewarding. After a busy day , you'll find these words for sure.

So when do you plan to visit?

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