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Flying on an airplane is a lot of splendid things. Do you know that an average number of 47,000 flights are being recorded daily. Sound like a lot but since we are living in a world full of innovations and high-ending technology, these abrubt changes on status quo however seems to become normal.

Besides from time to time growth on general science and technology, millenials have also able to develop personality and new sets of taste and expectations. For example, when a person look for a place to eat, unlike from the usual scenario of finding suggestions from friends, the action can take place by (1) Finding reviews from social media (2) Viewing pictures of the food and menu from the internet (3) Asking friends or sending private messages containing inquiry to a restaurant's facebook page (4) Finding a good concept of place with unusual designs, themed or having an extra furnitures and ammenities.

Probably one of the considered product of modernity with touch of  millenial taste is the place they call "Plane Bistro" that lies within the heart of a small town in Manila.



 Plane  -  \'plān\  noun
: a powered heavier-than -air aircraft with fixed wings from which it derives most of its lift ; a larger aircraft.

 Bistro  - \ˈbēs-(ˌ)trō, ˈbis-\  noun
: a small restaurant or bar

Located at 1920 España Boulevard corner Kundiman Street, Manila



- From SM San Lazaro, you can take a jeep with signage going to Lardizabal. Then from Lardizabal, you just need to spend a five-minute walk towards the destination.

- From Quiapo,  take a jeep going to Dapitan and tell the driver to drop you by España. The Bistro is just around 3-5 minute walking distance

España Blvd.


- To support a smooth and hassle-free ride, using WAZE and GOOGLE MAP is strongly reinforce specially if you are not famillar about the area.

How to get to Plane Bistro Café?


Situated along the busy street of España, Plane Bistro has developed its pride by a delightful marriage of inspiring design and astonishing aeronautical art giving the restaurant a unique and elegant apearance. Upon entry, you will be greeted by a life-sized jet that passionately ends up to their register station. Above the wall is a delectable set of clocks showing different timezones all over the world.

At the second floor, lies two private rooms that can be booked for event hosting. What makes it more interesting is their ability to transform those function rooms into a movie theater where you can get opportunity to reinforce your own details appopriate for celebration or dinner. Sitting in any table you will have a view of a business class section of plane. The designs coupled with elegant lighting will leave you utterly relaxed. The soft fabric of the seats together with the windows showing astonishing scenery of clouds at higher altitude creates a breath-taking ambiance. The clouds are not real, nevertheless it becomes magical as it blends nicely  with the realistic plane furnitures. 

  Photo courtesy of Helloteni

Sauntering every corner, you may also find a sophisticated world map that measures around 80 inches wide. Behind it, stands a smooth textured wall with colors of vibrancy that gently glow as the lights from the ceiling illuminates.

Another opportunity of nourishing an atmosphere is the way the restaurant complete the experience by playing a collection of soft music. The songs are mostly empowered by notes coming from prominent instruments like saxophone. Unlike from other restaurants, the music here is not too loud enabling people to speak well. While the sound is  playing,  the body seizes the opportunity to turn on its healing mechanism and profound relaxation as you simply surrender to the pleasure of listening. Plane Bistro is a place to eat, nevertheless it becomes a haven from worries outside.

 An "Oishi" meal served by the captain


The menu shows variety of different cultures and plethora of options. At the first page, they use phrases related to airplane to categorize the menu.

Namely as:

1. Engine Starters - just like other restaurants, here they show multiple appetizers prior to the main dishes.
2. Past-a-rrival - from its name, this section shows variety of available pasta they serve.
3. Sandwich Deck - this category contain perhaps the best names of sandwiches someone could ever imagine.
4. Salad - besides from the famous caesar salad, here they also offer an astonishing kind they call "Chicken and mango" that anyone should try.
5. Baggage meals - is the section dedicated for variety of their rice meals.
6. Turbulence - variety of interesting frappé.
7. Jet fuel -  a section that show an interesting menu dedicated for their beverages.

Plane Bistro is able to provide a meaningful experience to their guest by letting them taste other cultures straight to their plate. Here they offer three kinds of meal bundles good for 2-5 heads. Price ranges around 359php to 699php 

Our team have tried their Japan bundle meal. It comprises multiple delicacies such as Katsudon, maki, chicken teriyaki, shrimp, breaded chicken and steamed rice.

In every bite, the world seems like changing as the bursting flavor of wazabi fire up our Japan experience. The katsudon or prominently known as breaded pork lies perfectly on bed of freshly chopped cabbage. The chopsticks beside the bowls are inviting as it like ready to challenge your skills. When you get tired of holding your chopsticks, you may just simply grab the chicken by your hands. This  give you the sense of happiness as you savour every taste to the pallette of your tounge. Our Japanese dinner is passionately arranged on a large silver trays. Probably one of the best thing can capture anyone's attention is the waitresses serving the food. They are wearing clothing inspired by people inside plane specifically flight attendants. It is very exhilerating finding your self smiling as you simply started by looking something to eat.

A meal good for four only at 699php / $13.88


The Uniform

- Setting aside the food, the restaurant is like a wardrobe of pilots where they offer opportunity of making your pilot dream come true. Here they let you wear aeronautical clothing including hats making your visit truly remarkable.

Marion enjoying her captain dress

The Function Rooms

As being mentioned earlier, Plane Bistro have two private rooms functioned to cater not only the food but also the space needed to run your event. Most of their guest prefer to make it a venue for parties. Some are for meetings but above all, a thing that makes this bistro capture your heart is their ability to bring partnership with you. In line with that, certain details based on your discretion will be set. Any event is applicable. People can book a room with movie threater prior to the date. This will help both parties to enhance the concept and personal designs appopriate to surprise someone close to you.

 The beauty lies inside the theater room

Visiting Plane Bistro will bring you a lot of remarkable wonders. Though your foot is on the ground, however it seems like touching the plane as it fly high into the stratosphere. Living in the era of high ending technology and innovations, people has developed their wings bringing them closer to their interest. 

So since your wings already exist, 
All you have to do is fly!

Come and fly over now!

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  1. Kabayan, this was the first time I heard about the plane bistro. Interesting place. Glad you put options on how to get there.

  2. Loved this post! That place looks amazing!


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