Sailing over Sampaloc : Topside

It has been my dream to board a ship wherein you travel the sea, you feel the breeze and get the chance to say "Aye Captain" with pride. Being raised  completely indoor makes me very passionate to discover this kind of adventure that I only usually see in movies and cartoons.

Those are just child fantasies BUT not until last saturday. It's a sunny afternoon, people are busy, streetlights up and down, horns screaming loud as the train passes the Legarda station.

Yes dear friends, we are at Legarda Station!

My friends and I decided to see each other to try an amazing food we saw thru internet. Being fortunate enough, along the way we were able to meet and sail the streets of Manila by use of google map as our compass towards our destination.

                Photo Credit to Bien Magno

Located at F.Jochson St Sampaloc Manila, we found a nautical-inspired restaurant where they serve variety of great tasting buffalo wings. 


Commute / Jeep
-First you need to find your way to Cubao. From there you can take a jeep going to Legarda or in order to avoid hassle, you may also like to ride the train instead. From the station, you can either choose to ride a pedicab or spend 5-minute walk going to Topside. National university is your land mark. 

-using waze and google map is advisable to save time.
You may click the link below for a better view:

Map going to Topside


As we gingerly enter the door, a vivacious space of nautical-inspired ambiance caught our eyes. I personally took in my breath sharply and stopped: ropes knotted on corners, marine hats scattered on tables and a deck stretching four feet to light colored ceiling makes a scenery of a cruisin ship.

As you face the kitchen, you will see a bull's-eye window or commonly known as porthole where the chef releases customer orders. 

Above the wall, a captivating chain of nautical codes arranged in charming order is waiting for your lens to capture . Below is a board containing collection of pictures where you can see people that paint a ray of sunshine all over their faces, enjoying their food as they document those precious moments.

Photo board

The place is truly a cozy and interesting piece of art to explore. Upon conversation with Sir Mags, the owner of Topside, we found out that the concept was came from his business partner who is happened to be working as a seaman abroad. They have started the business four years ago at DeLasalle College of Saint Benilde and currently now operating three succesful branches including this wonderful branch here at Sampaloc. All pictures we have taken here are not only instagramable but also inspiring and worth-sharing.


It can be very hard to describe a food item without tasting it, but if the menu has an awe-inspiring pictures together with visible affordable prices, this menu will turn into a gold mine to most of the millenials. (just like us)


The menu offers a total of five astonishing flavors of    great tasting chicken wings. Namely as :

1. Garlic Parmesan
2. Sweet Chilli
3. Buffalo Wings
4. Spicy Garlic
5. Chicken Barbeque

Besides that, they also offer Mozarella sticks, fries, Nachos and variety of drinks such as frappé, rootbeer, iced tea, coffee and juices. All the ingredients are fresh and the recipe is proudly developed and maintain by Sir Mags.

Sweet chilli ; Garlic Parmesan ; Buffalo

As being recommended, we tried the garlic parmesan first. Prior to tasting, a noticeable big, meaty chicken wings, seasoned with their secret mix of spices, deep fried to a perfect golden brown, glazed with tangy sauce, then topped with rich grated cheese have freezed the clock for a while.

The attractive Garlic Parmesan Chicken wing

Then as we take our first bite, the crunchy texture of the chicken create a scrumptious, juicy sounds as it like dances with this sweet sauce covering the palette of our tounge.

That experience went remarkably different when my friend invited me to taste the buffalo wings and the spicy garlic. The meat is succulent and the flavor is lip-smacking,  a delectable chilli flavor gently paint your buds as you complete the experience with a dulcet finish. As per the chef, customers are welcome to provide specific level of spiciness of the chicken they would like to have.This chicken will surely get all your heads out of the popular "Spicy noodle challenge".

  • Photo courtesy from Topside

The dining experience is unique and inspiring. What makes it more likely is the opportunity to eat using your hands. Disposable gloves are being served prior to the arrival of food. This scenario is no more unusual to us since many asian countries have this tradittion already. My friends and I enjoyed eating as it personally reminds us of our childhood way back from Zamboanga, Dumaguete and Nueve Ecija. On the other hand, being an avid fan of pirate kid shows,   I asked my self what would Peter Pan likes to eat. While staring to the edge of the deck, I made my own conclusion as I enjoyed eating by my hands,  like a pirate!

So if you have atleast 69php, you may already get 2 piece chicken wings with rice. At 89php, you may extend your scrumptious cravings for a 4-piece chicken but if you wish to have a complete meal, 109 pesos is ready to set you free!

                 Complete meal at 109php


Ofcourse after taking some scrumptious bites, our eyes were stolen by these interesting beverages standing next to our plate.

Topside offers variety of beverages such as:

1. Tropical drink
2. Beer "tea-based"
3. Iced coffee
4. Blended Chocolate
5. A&W Rootbeer Float
6. Bottled Rootbeer
7. Butterscotch

Their tropical drink is a blend of tea that executes three-toned layer of colors. While their Beer is powered by astonishing blend of tea leaves flocked together to achieve the malty and muscatel characteristics. Their iced coffee is bold with hints of fruit notes that is being brewed freshly using ethically sourced "Kapeng Barako" beans from Batangas. The rootbeer float is made from authentic A&W rootbeer making us feel like we were abroad. IBC rootbeer and Butterscotch also helps to drive the menu with an international touch.

Visiting Topside is really a rewarding and exhilarating experience. In a drastic changes on demand to survive daily needs, it's  pretty hard to find a place where you can get passionately prepared food without spending much. From the place, going to the taste and the price, Topside has managed to went above and beyond our expectations.

Thank you Topside Jochson for this worth-sharing experience.

  -Groupie with Captain Mags: the great guy    holding the beer

May anchors be tight, cork be loose and our compass be true as we sail against the waves of the changing world.

So when do you plan to sail here?

For further details please leave your comments below.

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Anchors away!

Muchos Gracias!


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