Gangnam in Manila : Samgyupsarap

    Behind the vibrant stories from the ubiquitous number of Asian novelas, Koreans are getting closer as they top again Philippine Tourist on 2017. According to Bureau of Immigration,  Koreans registered a total imbound traffic of 1,467,982 from January 1 to November 30.

On the other side, back on 2009, we can still remember how the "Boys over flowers", a telenovela series marked their first apearance to our local tv channels. There is no doubt that our heart has been captured since then.

As the years pass, we developed our passion to listen to their music and also follow their fashion trends. Even their food  is able to reached our Filipino plates. For almost every mall you can find korean restaurant, but what makes a difference to a restaurant is how they manage to adjust their prices without compromising the taste and quality.
Probably the easiest way to describe this is to visit a litte restaurant lying along the streets of Sampaloc, not far from the area dubbed as "University Belt", you can find Samgyupsarap.

Situated at Delos Reyes St. Sampaloc Manila, Samgyupsarap is becoming popular because of their tasty Korean dishes you can savor at very affordable prices.
The restaurant brews up primarily because of the owner's passion to bring Korean's scrumptous delicacies to our plates. Owned by Alex and Bernard, they decided to build the restaurant near Universities to add meal options for students.


Prior to the door, you can easily recognize adjacent tables and chairs. Our team did not expect an open-air section but since it exists, we took the opportunity to occupy them. Though the seats are outside, it still offers a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

From a distance, the rays of light coming from the entrance door is delectably setting a beautiful chemistry to the tables. A smiling staff approached us to set the griller immediately. While he is busy completing the orders, I was able to take a quick tour inside the store.

Few steps away from the door, the presence of korean pop music will greet your ears. For a moment, my curiousity disappeared, eclipsed by the beauty that surrounded me. The walls are garlanded by posters showing familliar faces from a number of prominent Korean novelas. Facing the kitchen, you will see a huge plasma television playing Korean pop songs. The music is inviting, however it becomes more lovely when combined with delectable grilling sounds from tables. Sitting in anywhere you will have a view of smiling people, enjoying their food. The designs coupled with elegant lighting will leave you utterly relaxed.


Option 1 

-From Quiapo, you need to take a jeep going to España.  From there, you will spend around five minutes of walking towards the place. 


-Using waze or google map is highly recommended especially if you are not familliar about the place.


The menu offers plethora of options. There is no need to open the menu because they have it printed on walls.  Besides from the scrumptious grilled meat,  you can also enjoy a very delicious stew which is commonly recognized as "Shabu shabu". The stew is composed of meat,  cabbages,  corn,  dumplings and many more.  What makes it very exciting is  the cook responsible is no other than yourself.  I personally feel like a chef stirring and grilling the food,  but today I have chosen to use chopstick instead of spatula.

Different appetizers and Korean seasoning : kimchie,  samgyup sauce etc. 


-Fatty slices of pork belly grilled before your nose is a South Korean foodie favorite. A few slabs of this ultra-tasty pork along with garnishes of lettuce leaves, garlic and chili paste, and you’ve got a flavor to cherish.

Upon conversation,  we found out that behind the spicy and lip-smacking flavor of kimchie is the passionate hands of the owner making it. Sir Alex have managed to develop his own recipe with full compliance to  standard flavor an authentic kimchie should taste. As per him,  they only uses ethically sourced ingredients to secure quality.

The scrumptious chemistry between grilled beef,  steamed rice,  kimchie, raw chillies and samgyup sauce covered by fresh lettuce leaf.

My sister enjoying the artistic way of making every bite especial.

Our overall experience is fulfilling and highly satisfying. The flavors are like warriors setting a new standard to our tastebuds.
Being away for about 1269 miles, Korea has been able to get closer as they inspire us especially the millenials nowadays.

So when do you plan to visit?

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대단히 감사합니다.

Daedanhi Gamsahabnida


  1. Lovely post with wonderful pics on food recipe . Liked it and these pics making me hungry to taste it.


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