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Traveling Tondo : Big Slice Pizza

There’s nothing quite like a pizza. Nearly, most of us Filipinos flock to the classic Italian dish that is now accessible anywhere. But not all can give you the satisfaction you expect. Sometimes you need to get lost in able for you to find a perfect place. Before anything, let me start by giving you few informations about this classic Italian dish. Credits to Pizza 1. The word "pizza" came from the italian word "pittsa" which means pie. 2. First pizza was served on 997AD from the town of Naples, Italy. 3. Cheese is the main ingredient of all pizza. 4. Hawaian pizza was created by a greek man named Sam Panopoulos. 5. August 15 is the Philippines National Pizza Day. BIG SLICE PIZZA During a gloomy sunday, my friends and I decided to meet each other to relax and unwind when an abrupt cravings for pizza came to us. Its a great time for us to talk and eat while preparing ourselves to face another busy week. Being fortunate en