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Sailing over Sampaloc : Topside

It has been my dream to board a ship wherein you travel the sea, you feel the breeze and get the chance to say "Aye Captain" with pride. Being raised  completely indoor makes me very passionate to discover this kind of adventure that I only usually see in movies and cartoons. Those are just child fantasies BUT not until last saturday. It's a sunny afternoon, people are busy, streetlights up and down, horns screaming loud as the train passes the Legarda station. Yes dear friends, we are at Legarda Station! My friends and I decided to see each other to try an amazing food we saw thru internet. Being fortunate enough, along the way we were able to meet and sail the streets of Manila by use of google map as our compass towards our destination.                 Photo Credit to Bien Magno Located at F.Jochson St Sampaloc Manila, we found a nautical-inspired restaurant where they serve variety of great tasting buffalo wings.  HOW TO GET THERE Com