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A home away from home : Javana

Its a gloomy afternoon, streetlights up and down, horns screming loud as the car passes down the narrow road with people chirping on the streets and fancy colored tarp with bold letters printed to greet holiday wishes are almost everywhere! It is indeed that the "Season of Giving" is coming! Though December haven't stepped to the calendar yet, being a filipino, this excitement is natural as we celebrate many fiesta and festival that has become very endemic to our culture. Last saturday was a busy day, nevertheless, it was also a good day for me to meet my friends. So after work, I rushed to Sampaloc. Though heavy traffic is predictable, I still had the chance to come over to a place my friends recommended. JAVANA SIZZLING FOOD HOUSE Address: 1809 G. Tuazon St, Sampaloc 1008 Manila, Philippines A humble restaurant seems to behold a lovely atmosphere of a home where large variety of great tasting food, mostly filipino cuisines are being served pa

Brewing Friendship : Cozy Kitchen and Café

Seems like the rain has taken forever to come this year, but now that the cold days are back, what is better way to comfort your soul than a steaming cup of coffee? Just like different origins and types of coffee, we filipinos have different personalities and ways to appreciate food. Last saturday was a busy day, nevertheless it was also a good day for my friends and I to see each other and have fun. Being an adventure seeker, we prefer to lose the way, because sometimes when you lost, you get chance to find perfect places. So here we are, finding our selves inside this charming and captivating café that lies along the streets of Sampaloc: Cozy Kitchen & Café COZY KITCHEN & CAFÉ Address: G/F Metro District Suites 1125 G. Tolentino St. 0 (infront of K Residences) THE COMPASS Option 1: Commute / Jeep BLUMENTRITT-The most convenient way is to to find your way first going to Blumentritt station of Lrt line 1.  From there, you need to spend 5-m