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Im flying at Plane Bistro

Flying on an airplane is a lot of splendid things. Do you know that an average number of 47,000 flights are being recorded daily. Sound like a lot but since we are living in a world full of innovations and high-ending technology, these abrubt changes on status quo however seems to become normal. Besides from time to time growth on general science and technology, millenials have also able to develop personality and new sets of taste and expectations. For example, when a person look for a place to eat, unlike from the usual scenario of finding suggestions from friends, the action can take place by (1) Finding reviews from social media (2) Viewing pictures of the food and menu from the internet (3) Asking friends or sending private messages containing inquiry to a restaurant's facebook page (4) Finding a good concept of place with unusual designs, themed or having an extra furnitures and ammenities. Probably one of the considered product of modernity with touch of  milleni