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Gangnam in Manila : Samgyupsarap

    Behind the vibrant stories from the ubiquitous number of Asian novelas, Koreans are getting closer as they top again Philippine Tourist on 2017. According to Bureau of Immigration,  Koreans registered a total imbound traffic of 1,467,982 from January 1 to November 30. On the other side, back on 2009, we can still remember how the "Boys over flowers", a telenovela series marked their first apearance to our local tv channels. There is no doubt that our heart has been captured since then. As the years pass, we developed our passion to listen to their music and also follow their fashion trends. Even their food  is able to reached our Filipino plates. For almost every mall you can find korean restaurant, but what makes a difference to a restaurant is how they manage to adjust their prices without compromising the taste and quality. Probably the easiest way to describe this is to visit a litte restaurant lying along the streets of Sampaloc, not