Wake up the Inner Child: District Komiks

Being a child is probably one of the most happiest part of everyone's life. It reflects not only the memories but also the principles that make us who we are today. Moreover,  during this period we tend to make friends easily and appreciate even small things. 

Since our expectation is simple and pure,  however as we grow we change. We learn to embrace diversity of changes that drastically  fallen into a new methodical us. Despite of those,  sometimes we still misses our crayons instead of fancy pens we used to carry around. Being adult is fantastic but being young at heart makes a big difference.

This is what we discover upon visiting the place situated along the elevated streets of Antipolo. Here they offer passionately handcrafted dishes that are fully developed by a conjoint management between a mom and son. Named after their favorite genre of book,  District Komiks is becoming popular as they were being featured first in Pop talk, a local reality show that provides review of interesting eateries within the metro. 


Lying along the humble streets of Antipolo is a lovely place filled with astonishing concept where reading,  playing and eating  are all possible at one stop. The name was establish from the owner's hobby of reading comics which particularly involves the famous characters from Marvel heroes and Archie comics. 

The restaurant brews up primarily because of their passion to bring scrumptious food right to our plate at very considerate price. 

All the recipes are proudly developed by Chef Carol and her son Luis. After garnering a total of 17 years inside a private yatch, Chef Carol is able to execute her world-class skills when she decided to go back in our country and open up the door for District Komiks as her new vehicle that will bring her towards success. 


As we saunter the place,  we immediately survey the premises to behold a beauty that take us back to our childhood memories. The restaurant is themed by
comics and the designs coupled by prominent characters are like small pieces of time capsule. It resembles an image of yesterday not only from the owner's childhood but also reflects a portion from other people. 

District Komics also welcome their guests with a genuine smile. With no later than a moment,  someone will approach you to either take your orders or invite you to read their wide colection of Archie books. Besides from the books,  the restaurant also provide their guest a chance to play variety of games such as board games,  cards and many more. We really feel its a good deal to dine over a place where you can do these stuffs together.

What makes a distance between other restaurants and District Komiks is the way they run their Marketing. Flashing back few steps before the door,  we were already able to witness a van being parked at the front.  It is themed by cartoon and the roof is open. The small kitchen inside is delectably inviting your eyes to come over. The whole van is a customized vehicle filled with features allowing people inside to serve food while on the go.

Interactive games and books on display


A. Commute
- From Shaw Blvd. , you need to ride either a jeep or FX going to Ynarez Center.  Then ride a tricycle going  to E & H Bldg. Just tell the driver to drop  you at district Komiks.

B.  Private vehicle
- Waze and Googlemaps are highly recommended especially if your not familliar about the place.

Click the link below for better view:


It can be very hard to describe a food item without tasting it, but if the menu has an awe-inspiring options together with visible affordable prices, this menu will turn into a gold mine.

That is what exactly happened when we get the chance to open their menu. The menu shows a wide variety of delicacies both inspired by Filipino traditional food and a taste of Chef Carol's rich experiences. All the options are personally cooked by her.

Feeling hungry,  I went straight for this chewy and crunchy pork belly we call "bagnet". As we take our first bite, the tender and succulent meat with subtle spicines is bursting into scrumtious notes as you let it dances across your tounge. 

District Komiks also offers other variety of astonishing options that are inspired by classic Filipino dishes.

All day Breakfast: Ranges from 85-95php
1. Chicksilog 
2. Tapsilog
3. Paresilog
4  Longsilog
5. Tocilog

Pasta: All at 120php each
1. Carbonara with adobo flakes 
2. Kare Kare Pasta
3. Tuyo Pasta
4. Filipino style Bolognese

Dessert: Ranges from 50-100php
1. Suman
2. Suman w/ sugar glazed coating
3. Suman with mango
4. Suman with Chocolate

The roaring flavor of Tuyo Pasta

Tuyo Pasta seems to win the crown since it become an apple of attention to every guest. The dish primarily composes of salted egg, dried fish and traditional pasta. Along the way as you take a bite,  the lightly oiled noodles will keep your utensil busy as you savor the exquisite full-bodied flavor notes of dried fish and sauted garlic. 

A wild array of textures from Kare Kare Palabok

Being a Filipino all-time favorite dish,  this famous stew filled with peanut sauce seems to challenge status quo as it embraces unusual combination with pasta. The entire dish may show a big difference due to added strings but nevertheless the same ambrossial goodness to all of its fan.

All day Breakfast options

Here they prefer to surprise their guest by using unique plating and food arrangements

Suman with Mango

Suman with chocolate

Suman is probably one of the best dessert we filipino almost forgot. Here at District Komiks, they have learned to revive this culture by making some delectable twist to make it more attractive to millenials. Suman is a popular rice cake delicacy that is made from a glutinous rice cooked in coconut sauce. Tasting its dulcet flavor will surely remind you that despite of many options other restaurant offer, suman really deserves a name worldwide as it contains the rich culture of our ancestors culinary.

Visiting District Komiks is truly an inspiring experience.  The whole place is like  haven keeping you away from worries outside. It personally calls the child inside you to come out and play. 

There is an old saying that it takes many more muscles to frown and fewer to smile. Laughter has been proven to be a huge stress reliever. We need to revive the humour in our lives, keep the child alive in us. Enjoy small things. Laugh like a child. Look around. Get drenched in the rain, walk in the gushing rivulets that emerge everywhere, make a paper boat and let it sail down.

So when do you plan to sail? 


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