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The Philippines is a gastronomic haven filled with distinctive wild flavors. And since her archipelago lies perfectly on the blue carpet of Pacific, it is not unusual for her locals to establish an intact connection with the sea. 

Long overshadowed by its famous beaches,  the abundance of fresh seafoods is now sailing up its own identity over the food map. There is no doubt that the country is bursting with life and exuberence on its marine ecological life.

If you are a person who fancy savouring fishes and shells but cant afford to be at some verdant places to satisfy cravings, you might want to check this amazing restaurant serving passionately handcrafted dishes without breaking any  purse.


Boss Seafood is situated inside Mosibaba―a foodpark nestling between the streets of Malamig and Kalayaan, not far from the city hall and most especially an accesible eatery that only needs a quick ride from any point of the metro. 

Housing a number of wild seafood dishes,  the restaurant has also managed to keep reasonable prices despite of the high surges of demand in some certain ingredients. It brews up primarily because of the owner's passion to bring great tasting and original seafood recipes right to everybody's plate. All ingredients are ethically sourced and you can count on how they passionately cook these tasty dishes. The aroma drifting the air is a sure call to anyone weary legs to come and take a sit.

Here is the story of our experience:


It was a scorching day,  streetlights up and down and the smell of mixed aroma from various kitchens is wafting out to the air. 

It was a Saturday night at Mossibaba Foodpark. Chitchats almost heard anywhere,  creating a white noise throughout the lobby. Some artist scheduled to perform were delectably appearing on stage. The place  is covered by steel roof with long colorful chain of lights. Multiple artificial cherry trees are also started to illuminate.  Everything seems to appear bright and beautiful.

Sauntering through the door, a vivacious space of unsual layouts have initialized a different character to our eyes: lights are sparkling everywhere,  colorful designs were garlanded on walls and a ceiling stretching around 30 feet high is pretty resembling a campsite under the stars. The whole place is indeed a millenial-inspired piece of art wherein you can find "haven" againts worries outside


Upon entry, we were welcomed by a sweet aroma of garlic leading our tastebuds to the unassuming menu of Boss Seafoods. The menu offers a plethora of astonishing seafood dishes that were proudly developed by the owners. 

Concentrating on your order is pretty challenging when all the dishes you get to see are irresistably attractive. Good thing that we somehow avoided this struggle when the owners decided to give us some of their featured and best seller dishes. 

As being recommended,  we were able to try their Seafood Paella first. Paella is considered one of the prominent delicacies we inherited from Spain. It primarily composed of sticky rice,  various veggies, shrimp and other seafood wonders. It is said to be one of the favorite meals of our "Katipuneros" (or revolutionary society)  before going to war againts colonization. 

My first mouthful from the paella was a big surprise. The rice covered by velvety and creamy  but not overpoweringly strong sauce is just made right. You can even pick and bite the shrimp as it went under special cooking method where the texture remains perfect. The taste is lip-smacking as it executes a hint of flavor between spicy and sweet with an intense touch of humami. I cant even count how many times I dragged my spoon over it.  

Credit: A dramatic character of seafood paella topped by multiple crustaceans and shellfish.

Probably the best dish they laid on our table is the "Mixed Seafood". Prior to tasting,  you may easily get attracted upon seeing the artisan soul of the dish. Housed by a rectangular bowl made of one hundred percent organic bamboo, the dish itself is already revealing its signature character from the Pacific region. The dish is similar to "Buttered shrimp" but in this particular recipe, they have added crabs,  mussels and clams.The taste is quite different from the ordinary buttered seafood as the sauce was carefully developed by the Chef through his dedication,  time and passion. There are also some research saying that bamboo wares can contribute to the overall taste of the food. This probably the main factor responsible for the delicious and distinctive flavor we have savoured each bites. 

Our next bite was taken from the "Sizzling Pusit" ( or a sizzling plate of squid). The aroma wafting the air is deploying wild array of flavors showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the country.

Its a  scrumptious delicacy composing of freshly sourced squid, bellpepper and onions then sauteed to velvety  butter before serving on top of scorching plate. The appealing and mouth-watering effect of the dish would probably rival those similar delicacies we used to see such as "scabeche" or sweet and sour fish. Their squid,  upon close inspection,  seem to be carefully cutted into thin slices for about half inch, the onions are more abundant than in scabeche but the taste is superb, bringing new standard to our tastebuds.

After savouring some of those scrumptious bites, our eyes were stolen by this remarkably uncommon beverages sitting infront of us. They call it "Eletric blue" and its being served inside a fish bowl. I remember seeing this already at some certain platform in social media,  but I cant really find that appopriate composure as I felt like I just saw it the for the first time the moment it arrived. The glass is quite fragile but the taste and the experience is highly satisfying though. The taste is comparable to an iced lemonade but there are distinctive robust notes of sweetness. 

A millenial-inspired beverage : Eletric Blue

Besides the astonishing variety of juices, Boss Seafood also grants your desire to step up your tasting experience as they offer Mojitos and beer.

A DIY meal amounting to  1047Php is ready to bring the Pacific to a total of  six sea-loving tummies. You can also extend this feast by adding few amount for extra steamed rice. Credit: Seafood Paella 220Php,  Sizzling Pusit 179Php, Mix Seafood 349Php, Pinaputok or "puffed" Tilapia 169Php, Eletric Blue 65Php

Indeed, our brain gets rocketed into another world as it tries to make sense of all the variety of tastes and alluring smells. After what seemed like an everlasting event, we finished a feast.

My brain and the sensory neurons from my tongue have been exhausted as they had never experienced such a sensation. My stomach is at full capacity but humbled as it hugs my hips for the pleasing event. My friends enjoyed it too. 

Philippines is indeed a home to some of the wildest tastebuds feauturing flavors of the Pacific. Boss Seafood had prepared a master piece symphony.This has been one of the best Seafood restaurant we visited! 

A "groupie" with the owners

So when do you plan to visit?

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Boss Seafood
Mossibaba Foodpark,  3 Malamig St., corner Matahimik St.  Kalayaan Avenue,  Diliman Quezon City,  Phil. 

Daghang Salamat! 

Thank you friends! 


  1. I love seafoods, your review is very interesting, i love the photos and the words you use to describe the food.

  2. This one gives me hunger pangs for more food pics! Keeps me salivating to look out for more in this post!

  3. A great review! You write really well, I can almost taste the food!



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