Casa DelBina: An Escape from the City

      Long overshadowed by ubquitous number of pools from Laguna, Tagaytay private resorts and staycations are now raising its flag over the summer destination map. With just an hour drive from the city, anyone can indulge in a realistic escape from the hustle and busy kaleidoscope of the metro.

If you are a person seeking a place to relax without worrying about the time, budget and privacy, you might want to check this invigorating verdant paradise in Tagaytay.


Strolling along the nippy road of Sambal, you may find Casa Delbina. It is a private resort situated inside Barangay Asisa. It offers quite a unique experience as it features nipa suites bringing a province-like sensation right to your eyes.

Owned by Garcia family, the resort was built primarily because of their zeal to create an innovative, yet rustic and homey place to dive deep into relaxation. It features a lot amenities suited to adapt your family and friend needs.

To properly deliberate these testaments, please check some details below:


Set amidst tropical landscapes, Casa Delbina boast a five feet pristine pool with small portions of beautiful landscapes on the side. It also has a small jakuzzi with thermostat. Soaking your self during the cold night is no big deal as you may enjoy its fascinating lights programmed to change it colors in rhythm.

I honestly find it very convenient to swim at night while staring above the powerful sky. Our experience let us witness a starry night looming above, pretty enough to ignite the heart of any nature's child. The clusters of faint and bold light and the constellations altered according to the time of year. Those were the same stars that greeted the ancients, the same ones that would be there in millions of years. And as I grabbed my beer, soaked my shoulder and ceased my fantasies by concluding that it was indeed a moment of untold reams of time.

The warm temperature of the water will surely bring the fun while you either chat or check your phone by the pool.


Offering tranquil atmosphere, Casa Delbina will take you back in time as it feature cabins inside nipa huts. It has a total of four rooms that can housed a maximum number of 20 heads. Two of those suites are equipped with air-condition unit and the other two with ceiling fan.

Boasting picturesque view of a rustic home, the  room is built right to reinforce calmness and peace. Lying on bed may not require you to open the fan because the cool wind drifting between the edges of the bamboo floor is fair enough to give you a freezing night. Our room nestled beside the pool, giving an easy access for us to jump and dive into the clear water anytime.

As I reverently rubbed my fingers along the silken mattress, I lifted my head and have my eyes rested to the chestnut-colored nipa ceiling. The comforter was thick and irresistibly soft, like a billowing cloud. I toppled into it, relieved to rest my weary feet. Then I soon succumbed to the call of rejuvenating sleep. Credit: An Asian-inspired bed


Just like any other private resorts, Casa Delbina also offers a kitchen fully equipped with fridge, stove, griller and variety of kitchen wares such as casserole, pan and many more. It also boast a spacious dining area suited to host an event. It also best for any simple family gatherings. The whole activity area is covered by nipa roof, protecting their guests to any abrupt changes in weather.

To support a hassle-free stay, buying food prior to arrival is highly recommended. However, if you will come with incomplete food supply, you may just simply ask help from Mang Fred (the caretaker). He can accompany you buying your needs down the market. You can also lay your questions to him without getting bored as he engage himself to meaningful conversations.

Chicken Inasal, passionately grilled to perfection by our friend Lloyd.

Visiting Casa Delbina is an astonishing experience a nature's child will surely enjoy. It is a place to feast your eyes on one of the verdant paradise of Tagaytay. It is therefore an oasis for those seeking relaxation and reinvigoration!

So when do you plan to visit?

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Special Thanks to:

Casa Delbina

Address: Sambal Road Brgy. Asisa, 4120 Tagaytay City
Contact: +639175087668

Time: 9AM-5PM
Price: 6,000Php
Max: 20 persons

Time: 7PM-7AM
Price: 8,000Php
Max: 15 persons
22-HOUR STAY (overnight)

Check in time 2 pm
Check out 12 noon
Price: 11000Php

Note: 350php for excess pax.

Or you can also avail add-on of 5 persons for 1000Php.

Muchas Gracias! 

Thank you very much! 


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