Pub.liq Gastropub: Tasting flavor of surprises

      It has been a natural instict for Filipino to find great tasting food. His dedication to satisfy his gastronomic fantasy is a perpetual character that no one can deny.

While the number of millenials increases, a new set of expectations also seems to spread out over the food map. Choosing the best place to eat is now becoming essential as they tend to eat outside more than in home. And since they are fond of flavors, their passion to find the perfect plate is an affair. An affair that reflects our general characteristic as a "foodie".

If you are a person who fancy savouring steaks or a foodie who enjoy eating at beautiful places,  you might want to check this Restobar serving passionately handcrafted dishes over the top of building. 


Nestling within the busy road of Mother Ignacia street,  not far from the headquarter of one of the prominent TV Stations, you may find Pub.liq Gastropub. It is situated on the 10th floor of The Ignacia Place, facing the eiffel-like tower of ABSCBN. 

Pub.liq Gastropub has been serving great tasting dishes since December 2017. Being established by three women, Iza,  Tin and Gillian—also known as the people behind the famous Rustic Box and Milkshake lab—they have started to gain popularity as they offer a different kind of dining experience here at Mother Ignacia. It brews up primarily because of their passion not only to handcraft great food but also a dedication to show that despite of the competitive and unequal principles of some unacquainted, women are also capable of doing things exactly what a man can do. 

Housing a number of astonishing dishes,  the restaurant also manage to keep an eye to the value of money from their guest as they ensure quality in every dish they serve. The experience to say the least, is awe-inspiring. 


Eight o’clock on a saturday evening on tenth floor and a large party of diners is eating steak, some are tossing their drinks and you can see the reflection of the colored lights flashing thru the glass. The band have started playing guitars with angelic voices wafting to the air. It was saturday night at Pub.liq Gastropub and everything becomes buoyant and fresh. 

The cafe is situated on the tenth floor,  allowing your eyes to survey the collection of busy roads. While you hear the chitchats everywhere,  you may feel serene as you stare at the beautiful kaleidescope of the city while catching a scrumptious aroma drifting to the air. There is also an eye-catching transmitter stretching 720 ft, it attractively resembles the iconic landmark of Paris.

The city spread below the floor, and the world suddenly felt so wide and free. Lights glittered everywhere just liked stars dropping to the earth, huge and small buildings collided in a mixture of shadow and geometry, tiny vehicles rushing along tangled lines of streets creating twisting threads of light - they all intertwined together in a magnificent view from the top. 

The bar is located inside an air-conditioned section of the restaurant. Here they offer plethora of drinks  such as mist,  shooters, neat,  straight-up and many more. Sitting in any table you will have a view of inspiring wall arts. The designs coupled with elegant lighting will leave you utterly relaxed.


Deciding what to get is pretty challenging when all you get to see are irresistably enticing. The menu holds a ton of options with exciting twist. And as a testament to this,  the pasta we have tried is a fushion between the native "Kapampangan" cuicine and the staple food from the west.

My first mouthful was taken from this artisan dish they called "Sisig Pasta". Its a dramatic fushion between the hearty strands of pasta and an old Filipino delicacy "sisig". It may feature a foreign affair,  but once you have taken the first bite,  these assumptions may burst into a different kind of verdict, but definitely, a change in status quo. 

Sisig has been wafting over the food map for hundreds of years now.  Basic ingredients allow people to serve it regularly. But here in Pub.liq, the dish went above and beyond as the flavor goes well in a creamy yet not overpoweringly strong sauce. It is just made right, bringing a complex and approachable flavor. Credit: Sisig Pasta

Next we tried their Australian Rib Eye Steak. It was served with copius amount of mashed potato and a combination of freshly cooked carrot and string bean.The taste to say the least is astonishing.

The rich aroma is promising a mouth-watering taste. You could not even resist the delightful sensations that whipped up inside your memory at the mere thought of delving your teeth deep and fast into the firm texture of the steak. Herbs scattered delectably within the succulent meat and the assortment of condiments you may sprinkle mingle to produce a taste unlike any other.

While we are still trying to resemble our composure, right after those scrumptious bites, a plate of Angus Beef Burger slid down our table. This may rival those we see in ads wherein they promote burger challenge.

Angus beef burger will not let you down as it brings the pleasure between the looks and the taste. Feeling tempted,  I attacked it and tasted a big surprise.  The beef is so tender and full of flavors, very incomparable to any other burger I have savoured. Credit: Angus beef burger

After those bouyant moments of eating,  our heartwarming tastebuds searched for something sweet. Good thing that beside the astonishing selection of beverages,  Pub.liq also offers a number of options for those who has sweet tooth (just like us). Being fortunate enough,  we were able to try their Smores and Strawberry Cheese Shake. These sugary beverages may call your weary mind to come and take a sip.

Indeed, our mind flew into another world as it tries to make sense of all the wild flavors and alluring smells. After what seemed like a never-ending dinner, we finished a feast.

My tongue have been exhausted as they had never experienced such a sensation. My face painting a ray of sunshine is truly a witness of this everlasting event. 

Visiting Pub.liq Gastropub is a highly satisfying experience that is worthy to share. It is indeed a gastronomic haven for everybody. 

So when do you plan to visit? 

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Pub.liq Gastropub
Address: 10th floor,  The Ignacia Place Bldg. ,62 Sgt. Esguerra corner Mother Ignacia, Bgy. South Triangle, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines. 
Contact no. +639272559591
Operation : 5pm to 2am


  1. Amazing! The ambience and photo quality is way beyond mediocrity+

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