Simply Epic Cafe : Heaven at 2000 feet

      By weekdays, this café is a picture of small Amsterdam. But now that saturday is almost within reach, the light of the day has been infused with unrelenting laughter from people painting rays of sunshine.

Simply Epic Cafe is situated along the uphill roads of Tagaytay. Her gate opens every weekend. Boasting a picturesque view of a verdant paradise, anyone can indulge into a deep relaxation while nourishing your tastebuds with scrumptious meals handcrafted to aid stress. Its a place where you can reinvigorate and gratify your senses back to realistic definition of happiness.

Henceforth,  If you are a nature-lover seeking a quick escape from the bustling streetlights of the city, you might want to check this invigorating restaurant imaginable.


Owned by Ms. Joyce Espinoza, their restaurant has started to carve its own identity over Tagaytay's destination map. It brews up primarily because of their devotion to create a simple yet luxurious experience to any diners who wish to spend a little time with nature. It is situated besides a private chapel built by Espinosa Family. People are more than welcome to visit the place as they allow their customers to take "selfies" with their "instagramable" spots at the background.

Housing a number of astonishing dishes, their sense of courage to challenge status quo has became an evidence of the artistry from the recipes they developed. Simply Epic Café is a haven againts worries outside, simple but augustly alluring as per their own definition.


Nestling on an altitude of 2000 ft, anyone can easily fall into its brisky atmosphere invigorated by fresh air. Simply Epic Café stands as a landmark because of its famous "white house" situated along the sliding road leading to Puzzle Museum.

The white fences covering the area makes a dramatic scene with beautiful bushes dancing in each blow of the wind. The Café has an Al fresco dining surrounded by landscape with a view of a small private church. By the help of the owner, we were also able to explore the interior beauty of the building. My friends and I really enjoyed taking pictures while sauntering their awe-inspiring spots.

This table perhaps the best spot to meditate while you catch a meaningful conversation with a friend. The wooden table, the white house and the verdant surrounding resembles a scenery of Amsterdam.

Inside lives a delightful European-inspired designs. They also offer a free usage of different  boardgames and book. Anyone will surely enjoy as they prepare the orders passionately.


Their menu is a collection of passionately handcrafted dishes. Most meals are prepared from fresh, healthy organic ingredients found in abundance within the restaurant's vicinity. Deciding what to get is pretty challenging when all the dishes you get to see are irresistably enticing.

Being fortunate, we somehow overcome this struggle when the chef decided to give us their best sellers. So first we had Nachos as starter. Unlike to any other nachos, here they offer colorful chips—which is alluring for kids—and were covered by genuine amount of cheese, ground beef and freshly made salsa. Being a superb fan of nachos, I eventually found myself gratified as I took each bites of the crunchy and chewy nachos with all the compassion to address my cravings.

Nachos available for 160Php

My next bite was taken from the Pesto pasta that have frozen me for a second. I may say that prior to tasting, I already expected a thick oil covering the pesto sauce. Well, unbeknownst to me though, what we received is a Pesto pasta with just a subtle amount of oil. The flavor to say the least is incredibly  delicious and beyond description.

Theres a drama on how the pesto sauce infused each strand with its subtle appearance, yet tasty and forkful flavor of surprises. Credit: Pesto pasta with Chicken chunks at 160 Php

Next, we tried their Aligue Pasta which I was particularly intrigued with. Aligue or fat from small crabs has been a prominent "Kapampangan" dish that claims to be one of the guilty pleasures of Filipino table.

Its a scrumptious delicacy reflecting an artisan tradition from the culinary capital of the Philippines. The rich aroma wafting into the air beckoned us. We could not resist the delightful sensations tantalizing our nostrils.  It is overwhelming enough to bring a taste of wilderness to our imagination. My first mouthful from it was a big surprise. The pasta covered by velvety and creamy yet not overpoweringly strong sauce is just made right. The taste is a bit sweet with nuances of herbs and spices and intense flavor of humami. I cant even count how many times I dragged my fork into it.

Pasta Aligue at 170 Php

Soon enough, a plate of All Spice Chop slid on our table. Its a slab of meat marinated to a special mixture of herbs and spices. It is paired with mashed potato.

The pork chop is like a piece of heaven waiting for someone's courage to take the first bite. Credit: All spice chop at 170 Php

After savouring those scrumptious bites, our eyes were stolen by these wonderfully made beverages standing in front of us. Simply Epic Café also offers an astonishing selection of beverages such as coffee and blended drinks. The beans they are using are all ethically sourced from Korea since they zeal to expose a little bit of "KPop" soul to their offerings.

What really influence my appreciation is their Milo shake. Though it may be a kid's option, its dark cocoa notes flavored with hints of sweetness from the authentic "Milo" drink have turned me into a kid again. Tasting this drink is like riding a time machine that brings back childhood memories in every sip.

Photo Credit: Mocha 150 Php,  White Coffee 150 Php and Arabica at 165 Php

And if you thought that our gastronomic adventure ended there,  well,  dessert is here! A staple food from the west : Cinnamon roll french toast at 80 Php. 

For just a single glimpse of my eyes, I have forgotten to recall how did we happened to finish such an everlasting feast. As I stared to the verdant edges of the place, I came to the point of remembering such a wild and sweet exploration of my tastebuds.

Visiting Simply Epic Café is truly a worth-sharing experience. This is a haven for explorers who wishes to indulge in a gastronomic adventure  along one of the verdant paradise of Tagaytay.

A groupie of Hungry Byaheros together with the amazing people behind Simply Epic Café.

So when will you start your Gastronomic Adventure?

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Simply Epic Café
Address: Purok 4 Asisan Barrio Rd. Barangay Asisan, 4120 Tagaytay City
Contact number: +639178456923
Operation: Opens every Saturday and Sunday 09:00am-06:00PM
How to get there?

Thank you friends! 

Daghang salamat! 


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