G-Spot Burger Bar: Indulge your Tastebuds into Intense Foodgasms

   Food porn, the glorification of food as a substitute for sex, is not an entirely new phenomenon. Nor, perhaps, is the "objectification" of food: displays or describe food—and its preparation—for an audience that has no intention of actually cooking or eating any of it. We Filipinos have became perpetually inclined with this huge number of flavors since early 1500's which were brought by the rich culture brewed over the passed millenniums. 

What makes a clear and factual statement is we are living the modern life, a reality set amidst kaleidoscope of principles and discernment. Food has been one of its tremendous factor anchoring the  culture of the modern society. And since we fancy wide ranges of flavor, while strolling the busy streets of Manila, we found ourselves indulging on a sinful and seductive burger handcrafted by G-SPOT Burger Bar.


Named after the Chef's name "Germaine" for "G" and "spot" for hangaout place, the restaurant has started to garner humors because of its quite ridiculous, yet a clever name alluring foodies particularly millennials. Managed by the Chef's wife, Mrs. Macee Rebosa, the restaurant has also established an exceptional place which is passionately situated on their garage. They have been serving unique and great tasting burgers for three years now and most of their customers are students and varied employees far and wide the country. Here you’d see vacationers from distant provinces who are very curious to have a taste even foreigners from New Zealand, Dubai and Spain whom each time they visit Philippines, G-Spot is their go to place. 

As a testament for those who are unacquaited, the owners were once corporate employees but decided to give up career to brace their interest in cooking. G-Spot Burger Bar brews up primarily because of their endless zeal to serve high quality burgers at realistic and affordable prices.


Photo courtesy of Mark Baltazar

The place is invigorated by colorful and lively designs coupled by elegant lighting. The tables are also designed to attract guest. We have actually seated on a table made of two drums topped with a well-furnished slab of wood. Truly, as you eat you may find that "call" of clicking on your phone to add some stories in your instagram. G-spot also has a small stage wherein they run live performances from various musicians and even allowing customers to jam. They also provided a communication board posted on the wall facing the stage. Its a kind of communication tool where customers can freely share their thoughts.

This board reflects how enticing the reaction and appreciation of diners towards their food. Some are truly satisfied and some went above and beyond description as there are customers—mostly populated by millennials—provided unique ways of describing their heart-warming praises.


With the intriguing name "G-Spot" , the restaurant has also developed arresting burger names such as Maria Ozawa, Threesome and Spamela Anderson. It boosts their popularity especially to the fact that no one haven't sailed above the concept of—somehow—foodporn-related terms yet.

G-Spot Burger Bar is dedicated to highlight not only highly-satisfying looking burgers but also great tasting flavors everyone deserve. They use one hundred percent ethically sourced beef with taste that never stands on mediocrity. Deciding what to get is undoubtedly challenging when all you see develops a "must-have" principle to your eyes. Luckily, we were covered up by the help of the owners who decided to give us some of their best sellers.

My first bite was taken from the Carbo Stocker that was served with a pair of gloves. Carbo Stocker is one of the crowd's favorite because of its unique combination of burger patty, hashbrown potato crunch, garlic sauce and lettuce.

Carbo Stocker at 80Php
Photo courtesy of Mark Baltazar

The Carbo stocker provided me a very pleasant mouthful. This makes me remember similar burgers with colorful buns which I have seen to some restaurants. Prior to tasting, I assumed that the bun maybe not that surprising thinking that the coloring ingredient may have compromised bread's quality. But it was a hoax, I was truly astonished! 

My experience is irresistably enticing as I delve my teeth deep in to soft and tasty bread, the scattered chips making crunchy sounds made me so excited to reach the surface of succulent meat that boast a scrupmtious notes of herbs and spice. Truly, I found myself falling for it and took some more of endless bites.

Next, a plate carrying Chocolava Cheeseburger slid on our table. It freezed me for a while when I saw the chocolate sauce drizzling the dramatic arrangement of patty, lettuce and cheese: my reaction is tangled between excitement and confusion. Without any further a do, I grabbed and taste it. My experience was quite a histrionic pleasure. The sweetness truly set an enticing blend with the humami notes of the beef that has strolled on the pallette of my tounge. I never knew that this combination can produce wonders. This perhaps one of best burgers that can rival many similar sandwiches being served in the metro. (No doubt, this option reached the list of their best sellers)

Chocolava Cheese at 80Php

If you think we have ended up tasting only two burgers, well theres more! As being recommended, we were also able to try their Backroom monster. Its a combination of burger, lettuce, mushroom and cheese. The taste is superb as you will get to indulge in a creamy and sinful amount of cheese. This can be truly served as comfort food for those who wishes to forget worries and stress. The tasty patty lying on bed of fresh lettuce is delectably covered by thick blanket of cheese sauce and mushroom, it suprised my tastebuds as it not used to taste such a heavy and very delicious treat.

Backroom Monster at 80Php

For the last but not the least option, we have finally tried their Holy Mess. Holy mess boast a perfect combination of sunny sideup egg, lettuce, beef patty  and onion rings. Upon arrival, the sweet aroma wafting to the air is alluring our nostrils with excitement and exuberence. The onions are tremendously towering the burger with pride. And as I planned to take a bite, I wonder how could it be possible for me to capture everything at one attempt. Well I actually did it! It was so perfect that I cant find the words to describe it. Being fan of onion rings,  I will definitely share this moment to my friends.

Holy Mess at 85Php

Besides the wide variety of burger options, G-Spot burger bar also offer rice meals and enchanting selection of blended beverages. As a matter of fact, after tasting a number of burgers, we never let that opportunity fly. And so a plate carrying Backrib landed on our table. Being overshadowed by burgers, one may also get surprised knowing that G-Spot also offers rice meals such as Liempo and sisig.

Set amidst burger options, the taste of the Backrib really lies within superb standards of home made steaks. Its a gem offering you premium taste at very attainable price. Photo Credit: Backrib ricemeal at 85Php
An iced tea served with millenial-inspired bowl is suited to adapt culture from what people's so called "squad goals". This beverage is always a good choice to better enjoy food-sharing with "barkada" or family.

Smores at 60Php

Indeed, our soul has been invogorated by varied notes of flavor as our taste buds try to find composure after what seemed an everlasting feast. The plates were unbelievably became empty and my stomach is at full capacity but humbled as it hides within the thick fabric of my shirt. 

G-Spot Burger Bar is truly a hangout for all foodies aiming to experience new and more classy versions of our favorite burgers. With the increasing demand on running a business like this, it is quite hard to find a restaurant working exactly the same without requiring people to spend tons of cash. GSPOT has truly set the standard not only to the value of money but also the experience. 

So when will you start to delve deep into foodgasm?  

G-SPOT Burger Bar
Address: 1945 Anonas Street NDC Compound, Sta. Mesa, 1016 Manila, Philippines
Operation: 12PM to 10PM
Email: gspotburgerbar@gmail.com

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In collaboration with Mark Baltazar:

Video credit: Mark Baltazar

Daghang salamat!

Thank you friends!


  1. This place is calling my name. Those pictures look beautiful.

  2. Haha! This has been my tambayan everytime we have event in COC or when waiting for jowa who's in CEA. 😁 #ProudPUPian ❤ Sagad ang sarap sa G-spot. Heard of that one? 😂

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