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    Traveling is building memories in unexpected harmony. So everytime your on the road, it is wise to consider playing the best music that will elevate your mood. The spirit of your travel depends on how you set the melodies and beats in an equal proportion where you can engineer the gravity of thoughts and emotions.  Playing music on trips is more evocative than looking at photos. A photo might trigger a memory, but the right song will trigger a feeling. 

As travellers, we learned to keep an eye on how to stabilize the sharp edges of all the unacquainted thoughts that may drive us along the way. A great travel starts with great music, but great music will never be possible without appropriate choices . So without any further ado, lets hit the list:

One day baby will be old
by Asaf Avidan& Mojos

This Israeli pop artist has became a sensation since 2006 because of his catchy lyrics with sudden changes in tone. The group disbanded by 2011, but it never been a hindrance for singer/songwriter to perform as soloist to multiple concerts.

The  alluring lines somehow makes me feel like driving in a hot afternoon with dust wafting to the air. This can be best played during voyage.

"One day baby, we’ll be old. 
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told"

Perfect by One direction

Propelled to international success by the power of social media, One direction still able to  break several records despite of losing Zayn when he decided to depart and create his own brand on 2015.

The music is soulful and atmospheric with bouyant proportion of electronic beats and kick drums. The voices resemble a strong personality with enticing lyrics. One direction songs stand along the list of music appropriate for action and friendship.

"If you like to do the things whatever you've been dreaming about, 
Baby Im perfect
Baby Im perfect for you"

How to save a life by The Fray

Performed by the Fray and was released as the second single from their debut studio album of the same name. The song is one of the band's most popular airplay songs and peaked in the top 3 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US with over 5 million number of downloads as of 2015.

Setting aside the idea of blaming, the song really has the power to kick your overwhelming boredom. It will keep you focused and relaxed as you either drive car or stare out of the window.

Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life"

Counting stars by One republic

Written by their lead singer, Ryan Tedder, the song has been one of the band's most successful singles, reaching number one in many countries including Canada and United Kingdom. It has sold millions of copies worldwide.

The music is invigorated by beats and the alluring lyrics are fair enough to bring excitement right to your senses. Its not that guitar hero thing but also the best music to fire up your trip.

"Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things we could be
But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars
We'll be counting stars
Yeah we'll be counting stars"

Immortals by Fallout boys

"Immortals" is a song written and recorded by American rock band Fall Out Boy for the 2014 Walt Disney Animation Studios film Big Hero 6. Disney asked the band to write and perform the song for the film's sequence in which the Big Hero 6 team is transformed from a group of super smart individuals to a band of high-tech heroes.

Influenced by techno sounds, the song is suitable for your  adventurous activity such as trekking or cliff diving. This is best if heard thru headsets. (Not unless you haven't got one) 

"They say we are what we are,
But we don't have to be,
I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way,
I'll be the watcher of the eternal flame,
I'll be the guard dog of all your favorite dream"

Paradise by Coldplay

Popularized by the British band Coldplay. In 2010, the producers of ITV reality show The X Factor originally approached Chris Martin to write a winner's song for the seventh series of the show in 2010. "Paradise" was originally conceived by Martin as a response to the show's request.

"Dreamed of para-para-paradise,
Every time she closed her eyes"

Drive by Incubus

It was released in November 2000 by American rock band Incubus as a single from their third album Make Yourself. It is considered the band's biggest hit and breakthrough song. The song is what is widely described as mellow, featuring mostly acoustic instruments and grounded both musically and lyrically in a very relaxing and positive ambiance making the song a departure and exception from their original alternative metal roots.

"Whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there with open arms and open eyes"

Rolex by Ayo & Teo

Released on March 2017 by duo artist Ayo and Teo, the song has also able to steal stages from different dance competition worldwide. 
This is best played during camping as it brings life and exuberance through it beats and lyrics.

"I just wanna Rolly Rolly Rolly with a dab of ranch, I already got some designer to hold up my pants, I just want some ice on my wrist so I look better when I dance"

Bailando by Enrique Iglesias

Released by Enrique Iglesias, a Latin-Filipino artist who has sold over 137 million records world wide is now making its way towards the heart of many travel vlogs. "Bailando" literally means "dancing". This makes a good song for beaches. The melody creates  an invigorating beats no one can resist.

"Yo quiero estar contigo
vivir contigo
Bailar contigo,
tener contigo
Una noche loca"
"I want to be with you
living with you
Dance with you,
have with you
A crazy night"

Closer by Chainsmoker

"Closer" is a song by American DJ duo The Chainsmokers, featuring American singer Halsey. Andrew Taggart (one half of The Chainsmokers) also provides his vocals in the song. It was released on July 2016 and still making turbulences to most of the travel blogs nowadays. Their Youtube video garnered a total of 2.5 Billion views as of May 2018. 
The music lies on the tempo of 95 beats per minute and a chord progression of D♭. This makes the invigoration starts at the very first beat.

"So baby pull me closer
To the backseat of your rover
That I know you cant afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder"

THERE’S A GOOD reason many take music with us when we travel; it can transport us — back home, away from an overcrowded bus, or through a restless night. It has been part of our daily lives that often carry memories for a lifetime.

A great travel starts with great music, but great music will never be possible without having good gears. For those people who fancy engaging to music while on travel, Havit is now ready to set all those standards right to your ears. Established in 1998, Havit has provided high-quality PC and mobile accessories, peripherals, gadgets and gears for over 180 countries. Here you can grab high-quality headsets that will perfectly suit  your lifestyle as either a traveller or a busy individual.

To properly deliberate these testaments, we have tried some of their gears suited to bring comfort and perfection to our active lifestyle :

Bluetooth Headset Havit H2575
The two-toned color covering their Havit H2575 bluetooth headset is enticing enough to capture every heart of any audiophile who also consider wearing a high-ending yet fashionable gears. Just like any other bluetooth headsets, this one also offers an easy access as they build control panel on the right ear piece. Its also foldable so there is no more wasting time finding a safe position inside your bag. If you happened to drain your phone's battery and cannot find any alternative sources, it is never a problem because Havit H2575 can perform effortlessly as it features micro SD card reader and a built-in FM radio. Listening is never a hindrance to your weary, music-thirsty nerves.

The sound quality is clear and above expectations as it isolate unwanted noises from your environment. By that, you can focus listening to your songs. The speaker roars above your head and it never misses to astound you with each beats. Surely, for just few minutes of using this gear, you will find the value of money we "consumers" eventually seek.

Bluetooth speaker Havit SK570

People "on the go" will never get disappointed as Havit SK570 can last longer from what you  expect. It's battery capacity is 1200mAh and the listening hours can take up at least 4 hours at a maximum distance of 10 meters. The speaker has a built-in grip band situated under its body so placing it to different—complicated—areas is never a big deal. This is an ideal "must have" item for all backpackers who fancy spending days to places without electricity as it capable of bringing life and exuberance with its superb sounds.

Bluetooth Headset H2561

H2561 has a bigger mass than the H2575. The black color promotes elegance and pride. The ear pads provide sound isolation giving you exceptional clarity and awareness especially when you decided to watch movies during a long voyage. What makes this quite similar to H2575 is its ability to perform with a maximum distance of 10 meters. It also has a cord if ever you wish to disable bluetooth function. Still, the gear will maintain a high-performing function, ready to blow your boring moments away.

It is indeed that considering the brand is highly essential to earn that feeling of finding the value for your money. In my lifestyle filled with "on the go" activities, its my preference to bring products designed to create wonders to me. Havit is one of my best partners as it suited to adapt the wild kaleidoscope of my lifestyle.

So when do you plan to plug a Havit?

For more details, please check details below:

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If you seek for further informations or would like to share your feedback, please do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

Muchos Gracias!

Thank you friends!


                                                      Zedric Manuel


  1. From amazing food experiences to music choices...you go a long way travelling Mr. ;)

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  3. Enrique Iglesias is one of my favorite singers and everyone in my house loves his song Bailando.

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