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     Being propelled by the millenial-inspired food blogging—or what we oftenly called as "food porn"—travellers have also started to fuel up their dreams with a taste of flavors right from the dinner table of the places they visit. Personally, food culture and tradition perhaps brew the most important part of a travel experience. Although we do not necessarily select a destination for its food notoriety, meals eventually become the anchor of our experiences.

That is how the story of "Robertos" in some point goes. Being a foodie, its my perpetual affair to indulge in a flavor where I can truly find the satisfaction I zeal of. And since I have this "Pinoy" tastebuds lying on the pallette of my tongue, I fall easily to meals offering wild, yet authentic flavors redefined by utmost skills of a passionate chef.

Henceforth, I have this heart to embrace delicious meals especially when it commemorate rich and historical tales. If you are a person who fancy eating great food—which is somehow sits above expectaion—combined with such an interesting place, you might want to check this newly opened restaurant nestling inside SM Marikina.


Situated on the third level of SM Markina, anyone who has a hungry tummy may find Roberto's. The name refers not only to their astonishing food but also the elegance and unique designs coupled by artisan collections suited to showcase Marikina's culture and tradition. Marikina's branch is their first ever store in Metro Manila with roots coming from the culinary capital of the Philippines, Pampanga. It has been serving great tasting food here in Manila for three months already.

Owned by Don Roberto, a food and travel enthusiast—as being shown in their logo with a man wearing a backpack—, the restaurant has started to garner appreciation as they highly execute excellence in food artistry. As a traveller with full respect to the locals, the owner has started to design the interior with commemoration to the tradition of the host place.


The place resembles a delightful mariage between American and Filipino designs. It features elegant lighting coupled by dramatic displays showing rich tradition of shoe-making in Marikina. Sitting in any table, you will feel comfortable and easy as they have filled the dining area with high quality chairs and sofas. Its a vivacious space with varied tables where you can freely choose an appopriate dining table that will fit either a couple or your small family gathering.

Our team have chosen to dine on a sofa with soft and highly-satisfying fabric. The table, upon close inspection, seem to take us to different places as it display photos with variety tourist destination underneath the glass covering the wooden platform.

More than a display, this shelf embodies the perpetual tradition of Marikina. Dubbed as the "Shoe Capital of the Philippines", Marikina has been known for securing almost 70 percent of shoe production nationwide. Here in Roberto's, these prominent factors building our pride as a Filipino is highly valued and reinforced.


Housing a wide selection of delicacies, the restaurant also offer passionately baked pastries and brew a number of premium beverages. Looking at their menu is  extremely enticing making me nearly imposible to choose. With no longer a minute, a friendly staff attended us to get our orders. Still, we find it hard to finalize our meal so we have requested for starter first.

Soon enough, Seafood Bucket slid on our table. It composed of deep fried tempura, squid, fish fillet and onion rings. This can rival those we see in  Japanese restaurant but what makes it particularly different is the way they set the flavor. The crunchy texture of tempura is alluring enough but the taste is superb that it can create wonders to your tastebuds without any sauce.

As being recommended, we were also able to try their Spicy Chicken Mushroom. The dish, upon closer look, has a diversed number of ingredients. As a testament, you can even pick the fresh whole garbanzos lying on top of velvety, yet not overpoweringly strong sauce.

There is a drama on how this pasta tangled between Filipino and Spanish flavors. Garbanzos has been known for its usage for some prominent dishes we inherited from Spaniards. With it presence to this cuisine, surely anyone can indulge in a Spanish-inspired flavor of goodness. Credit: Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta

A few minutes later and The signature feast—a group meal which can satisfy six persons—landed on our table. Prior to tasting, the scrumptious aroma wafting to the air is alluring your senses, giving excitement to your nostrils and tastebuds. I cant even manage my composure as I become more excited upon seeing the crispy skin covering the succulent meat from "Crispy Pata". 

Credit: Crispy Pata ( includes on Signature Feast )

Crispy pata is a prominent Filipino delicacy consisting of deep fried pig trotters or knuckles serve with a soy-vinegar dip. This reminds me of bagnet as it also exhibit a similar taste. The only difference Roberto's Crispy Pata can truly boast is the tender and moist meat that is firmly attached within its brittle pork skin. The flavor to say the least is exceptional. I like the way it crack as I delve my teeth deep and fast into the crunchy, yet tender and succulent slab of meat.

Credit: Porter house at 395 Php

This steak perhaps claimed the biggest appreciation from all of us. Roberto's Porter house seem to stand well on any kind of dinner. The steak was perfectly seasoned, juicy and seared brown. My first bite from it was a big surprise as I immaculately decided to take another bite. Its a mouthful of superb flavor, lip-smacking and exceptional slab of succulent meat embraced by herbs and spices. This probably one of the biggest factors that influence our wild tastebuds to come back.

If you think we have finished such an astounding feast, well dessert is present. For the sweets, we have chosen to try their Mango Torte cake and Wallnut Velvet. Its a great treat to cease your overwhelmed buds while you sip a refreshing cup of their Cranberry Iced Tea. 

Front: Mango Torte Cake, Back: Wallnut Velvet
Enticing and delicious Chicken Alfredo Pasta at 220 Php

Visiting Roberto's is a best decision if you are a person who fancy savouring delicious, yet authentic and passionately handcrafted Filipino and American Cuisines. Its also a good place to commemorate our varied culture and tradition. For just an hour or may be few minutes, if you happened to be just somewhere along the Metro, this gastronomic paradise is  within your reach.

So when do you plan to induldge in a gastronomic adventure?

Address: 3rd level, SM Marikina, Marikina City, 
Contact number: +63998 9888914
Facebook Page: Roberto's

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