Tamago-Chi : Gangnam in Cainta

Fuelled by passion, the Korean wave continue to strike the country with energy and exuberance. Being introduced back on 2009 with their very first appearance in our local TV channels—the release of "Boys over flowers"—Filipinos developed a passion to find more about their culture and fashion.

From what seemed like a small curiosity, it has grown to a perpetual affair—mostly shown by millennials—to run after their novelas, music and fashion trends. Even their food have also traversed the China sea to brace our demands. As part of the country where flavors represent different portions of history, with delightfulness, we embrace changes as the number of Korean restaurants become ubiquitous. Henceforth, If you are a person looking for a good and affordable "samgyeopsal"  with quality that will paint sunshine to your experience, well you might want to check this place situated along Ortigas.


Nestling inside Kapstop Foodpark, anyone with hungry tastebuds may find "Tamago-chi". Owned by Mr. King Carino, the restaurant has started to earn popularity as they offer reasonably priced Korean food such as samgyeopsal. It brews up primarily because of their endless zeal to challenge status quo by offering an enticing Korean feast at realistic and affordable price. As a dedication to the owner's brother, their menu is merged with its neighboring store "Yakitori"—a humble restaurant offering Japanese ramen—that enchant diners with highly satisfying meal of two prominent dishes from Korea and Japan. They have started grilling this enticing meals since March and has been garnering appreciation from people who seek equal proportion between the taste and the money.


Lying along the busy road of Ortigas Avenue, anyone can easily fall into its blistering sounds coming from the  vehicles battling the road towards the city. My ears indulged in a perfect waves of whirring cars with delectable presence of grilling sounds from the meat. The food park boast a refreshing alfresco dining coupled with elegant lighting. Its not that spacious but the mere thought of delving deep into a gastronomical pleasure is fair enough to excite your tastebuds to saunter its buoyant paradise.


Set amidst variety of restaurants lined inside the park, the aroma covering Tamagochi is alluring people nostrils to come and take a sit. The restaurant provides a set of griller, plates and tong for anyone who will take the courage to try samgyeopsal. Since koreans have this perpetual affair to eat pork belly, samgyeopsal has been a dish showing flavors of their story. Directly translated from Korean as  “three (삼) layered (겹) flesh (살)”, the pork belly composed of scrumptious layers of skin, fat and meat is a perfect comfort food for anyone seeking an escape from their bustling stress . Finding composure is pretty challenging especially when the dish have transformed into the perfect golden brown.

Prior to cooking, we were invited to the buffet area as Tamago-chi promotes a self-service buffet where diners can get meat with consideration to their personal consumptions. What makes the experience remarkable is the presence of longanisa, chicken and ham. It all came up together with a twist of Filipino taste.

There is a drama in every bite.

At first, I feel confused upon seeing the selections of food: kimchie and samgyeopsal creates that Korean feels but with longanisa and ham makes it quite baffling. Well, fortunately,  my first mouthful was good though. It was taken from the longanisa and samgyeopsal covered by fresh lettuce and kimchie. The spicy notes yet tasty flavor of kimchie have developed an invigorating experience as I delve my teeth deep into the crisp herbs and succulent meat. I never expected such a good combination. The taste is lipsmacking and overwhelming making my chopsticks go back and forth.

A twist of Filipino taste 
Photo credit: Longanisa

This tasty filipino favorite have slightly changed the concept of our meal but nevertheless a sweet surprise for our tastebuds. It strolled scrumptious flavor of surprises accross the pallete of our tounge, changed the way I look at samgyeop and brought new standards to us!

Tamago-chi is a realistic haven for those people who fancy eating Korean food but considers affordability . From what you expect an expensive Korean food, samgyeopsal here will sure provide you wonders.

So when will you indulge in a realistic, budget-friendly Korean Feast ?

Address: Kapstop Food Park at KAPyard 21 Ortigas Avenue Ext Sto.Nino Ortigas Ave, 1900 Cainta
Contact number: +632 6235717
Operation: From 5pm to 2am daily

Thank you friends!

Muchos Gracias!


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