Three Guys and a Grill: Spice up your Tastebuds

The Philippines is a gastronomic haven filled with distinctive flavors of wilderness. Her passion for food has been perpetually shown by a cosmic blend of cultures confecting local culinary tradition.

As her archipelago lies perfectly on the blue carpet of Pacific—prominently served as common route for early colonizers—locals have developed a taste for Western food. The rich history seemed to fuel up Filipino taste buds and somehow programmed to appreciate a constellation of international flavors. As a testament, American food such as burger and spaghetti seem to appear as one of the common snacks nowadays. Given the years of relationship, there is no doubt that our tounge draws a palette close to Western standards.

If you are a person who has a big heart for burgers and sausage, but still in search for the best, you might want to check Three Guys and a Grill.


Set amidst skyscrapers of Makati, not far from the riverbank, anyone with hungry tastebuds may find Three guys and a grill. Its a small restaurant serving authentic burgers and sausages alongside series of restobars. These wonders has started to be served since 2016.

Brewed as a result from a smart collaboration between three gentlemen—Duncan(the Kiwi), Tom(the Swiss) and Pepper(the Filipino)—the idea wafted from their burning passion to do something great as they all have this similar love for burgers and sausages. Setting all cultural differences aside, they strived to create a menu that was different to what Filipino was already seeing. The restaurant started to sail over food map primarily because of their enchanting taste for American comfort food. Brewed as a result from their ceaseless love for meat, the three guys decided to amplify experties as they opened another three branches that immaculately bring the same quality to all customers within the metro.

A perpetual affair to maintain and reinforce quality serves as one of their major principle.The three guys never missed to secure freshness as they carefully source the ingredients locally. With that said, their products always stay at the best grade. 


Upon entry, we were welcomed by the sweet aroma of  herbs and cheese leading our nose to unassuming bar of Three guys. With closer inspection, I surveyed the place to resemble a delightful marriage between American and European designs. In Europe, most people used to eat burgers while standing and thats how the concept of high tables stirred up.

The bar situated on the middle part of the restaurant is offering everyone a sense of belonging. You can also feel how evident the positive energy exuberate their voice as they call out your order in a passionate manner. The sweet sounds of sizzling and swishing were like music to anyone's ear. The griller seemed to be a soothing instrument while the chef played the spatula and build a positive atmosphere. It created an endless lust set amidst kaleidoscope of sweet deliverables from a customer perspective.


The menu cradles a plethora of scrumptious delights. Choosing what to get is quite challenging when all you get to see are irresistably attractive. Good thing that we somehow avoided this struggle when we were covered up by the owner's decision to give their best sellers. 

As recommended, we started first with their burgers. My first bite was taken from Tommy Burger that was served with a pair of gloves. Tommy Burger is one of the crowd's favorite because of its bewitching combination of pure beef patty, crisp lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese. 

A dramatic scene with the tasty bun covering the grilled meat is a sure call for any weary souls seeking an extreme gastronomic invigoration. Tommy Burger at 190 Php

My first mouthful from Tommy Burger was a big surprise. The experience was astonishing as I started to delved my teeth deep into the tenderness of the succulent meat. The meat painted a series of wild flavors to the palette of my tounge. I encountered notes of herbs and spice with a subtle humami taste. Truly, I found myself taking more bites endlessly.

Next, we tried their Texas Hold Em Burger. Its a sweet fushion between grilled patty, crisp lettuce, bbq sauce, cheese and bacon. Upon arrival, the aroma wafting to the air was already alluring our nose with excitement and exuberance. I lost the words to describe the experience, but one thing for sure I kept was the dulcet sauce covering the cheese and bacon. It was not that overpoweringly strong, it carried special flavors making my burger experience pretty memorable and definitely worth-sharing.

Texas Hold Em Burger at 230 Php
Finally, a plate carrying Double Tommy Burger slid on our table. Prior to tasting, I immediately asked my self how could anyone resist such lust. The burger tremendously towered by two succulent slabs of beef covered by melted cheese and painted by special home made sauce. The taste is ambrosially arresting making anyone find composure pretty challenging.

Double Tommy Burger at 280 Php

Alongside burgers, The Three Guys also offer sausages. Boasting a  tasty flavor, the sausages are all served fresh. Unlike to any other sausage taste, what they have here is truly different. The greasy texture adds a salty yet a very delicious scene. With that said, I cannot blame anyone to develop a barbaric excitement to grab and taste. 

12 Cocktail Sausages with chips on the side(composed of Kielbasa, Nuernberger and Cheese Hungarian with chips on the side at 299 Php)

Alluring looks with a superb taste!

A local beer is available to exuberate your sausage experience. Engkanto beer lives up to its mytical name as it best paired with the grilled stuffs. Price at 100 - 120 Php

Indeed, our soul ended up flying through reinvigoration after what seemed an everlasting feast. It was a hearty experience for my tastebuds to  embrace such enormous flavors. As a foodie, I never felt this bouyant satisfaction towards any sausages and burgers I have ever tried. My experience with this grill was astoundingly different as it set new standards to my taste buds.

The three guys truly dedicate themselves to blueprint success by sourcing the ingredients ethically. They believe that crafting the taste always start at freshness. The products may be sourced locally but the taste exhibit a genuine American taste. This is the way they show their passion as they zeal to bring the world together near a grill.

So when will you walk near the grill?

Three Guys and a Grill
Address: 4364 B. Valdez St., Poblacion, Makati City
Operation: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Contact no.: +632 817 4449
Instagram: @threeguysandagrill
Facebook Page: Three Guys and a Grill

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