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Wake up the Inner Child: District Komiks

Being a child is probably one of the most happiest part of everyone's life. It reflects not only the memories but also the principles that make us who we are today. Moreover,  during this period we tend to make friends easily and appreciate even small things.  Since our expectation is simple and pure,  however as we grow we change. We learn to embrace diversity of changes that drastically  fallen into a new methodical us. Despite of those,  sometimes we still misses our crayons instead of fancy pens we used to carry around. Being adult is fantastic but being young at heart makes a big difference. This is what we discover upon visiting the place situated along the elevated streets of Antipolo. Here they offer passionately handcrafted dishes that are fully developed by a conjoint management between a mom and son. Named after their favorite genre of book,  District Komiks is becoming popular as they were being featured first in Pop talk, a local reality show that provid