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Casa Blanco : Built to Inspire

A wild array of choices has been building pillars of expectation to all foodies nowadays. Probably one of the visible trend—biggest product—that benefits from there is the foodpark. Like mushroom, foodparks seems to sprout here and there. As the growing population of millenials spread their demands, food parks also seem to provide the best food as people tend to eat outside more often than in home. Filipinos are foodies in general. Their dedication to handcraft great tasting dishes is a perpetual affair that can be seen in many festivals. With this character,  how could a filipino resist such trends. Being the people fond of flavors,  we always keep an intelligent approach towards the latest dining concept. But what makes an eatery different and remarkable is always started by reviews about the place, the concept and the taste. If your looking for something new, you might want to visit this newly opened food park in Quezon city. Casa Blanco is situated along the busy