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Bontoc Travel Guide , Chasing Sunrise over beautiful edges of the Earth

Home to the highest peaks on the Philippine archipelago, Mountain province begin stretching across 10 municipalities until reaching Paracelis in the east. The province is mostly comprised by majestic landscape of mountains, deep valleys and astonishing caves. With a total area of 832.97 sq. miles, it has been declared as home for one of the most fascinating aesthetics that was built a thousand of years ago—The Banaue and Bontoc Rice terraces is one of the iconic and prominent wonders that warms the heart of our fellow Igorots. These are the ethnic groups in the Philippines who inhabit the highlands of Luzon. Carved into the mountain range, the hand-hewn terraces are the rice bowl of the region, as well as a tourist magnet that draws interest to many people. Travellers who wish to see  them need to be quite determined as the voyage can take up atleast 10 hours. The route seems to be fine and the bus is fast. However,  the narrow road reflects a life