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Indang Ising: A gastronomic Filipino taste

 Blessed with abundance of seafood and tropical fruits,  Philippines had begun cooking simple dishes,  adapted to suit the country's varied geography. Her plate mostly comprised by seafood, red meat and a ton of agricultural crops.  Over time,  foreign influences have shaped Filipino dishes with blend of Chinese, Spanish and Malay that serve as living memory of the Country's rich cultural history.  And since the country reflects a wild blend of diversed culture,  it somehow creates confusion. Some foreign food stylists have been known to position chopsticks alongside Filipino dishes, assuming that the country’s geographical origin uses chopstick as primary vehicle to carry food when it is in fact fork and spoon—even bare hands in some cases.  It is indeed that the spoon of the orient has an astonishing flavor of surprises. And since they are people who love to eat, their dedication to handcraft great tasting dishes is a perpetual affair that can be seen in mu