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Pub.liq Gastropub: Tasting flavor of surprises

      It has been a natural instict for Filipino to find great tasting food. His dedication to satisfy his gastronomic fantasy is a perpetual character that no one can deny. While the number of millenials increases, a new set of expectations also seems to spread out over the food map. Choosing the best place to eat is now becoming essential as they tend to eat outside more than in home. And since they are fond of flavors, their passion to find the perfect plate is an affair. An affair that reflects our general characteristic as a "foodie". If you are a person who fancy savouring steaks or a foodie who enjoy eating at beautiful places,  you might want to check this Restobar serving passionately handcrafted dishes over the top of building.  PUB. LIQ GASTROPUB Nestling within the busy road of Mother Ignacia street,  not far from the headquarter of one of the prominent TV Stations, you may find Pub.liq Gastropub. It is situated on the 10th floor