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Simply Epic Cafe : Heaven at 2000 feet

      By weekdays, this café is a picture of small Amsterdam. But now that saturday is almost within reach, the light of the day has been infused with unrelenting laughter from people painting rays of sunshine. Simply Epic Cafe is situated along the uphill roads of Tagaytay. Her gate opens every weekend. Boasting a picturesque view of a verdant paradise, anyone can indulge into a deep relaxation while nourishing your tastebuds with scrumptious meals handcrafted to aid stress. Its a place where you can reinvigorate and gratify your senses back to realistic definition of happiness. Henceforth,  If you are a nature-lover seeking a quick escape from the bustling streetlights of the city, you might want to check this invigorating restaurant imaginable. SIMPLY EPIC CAFÉ Owned by Ms. Joyce Espinoza, their restaurant has started to carve its own identity over Tagaytay's destination map. It brews up primarily because of their devotion to create a simple yet luxu