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G-Spot Burger Bar: Indulge your Tastebuds into Intense Foodgasms

   Food porn, the glorification of food as a substitute for sex, is not an entirely new phenomenon. Nor, perhaps, is the "objectification" of food: displays or describe food—and its preparation—for an audience that has no intention of actually cooking or eating any of it. We Filipinos have became perpetually inclined with this huge number of flavors since early 1500's which were brought by the rich culture brewed over the passed millenniums.  What makes a clear and factual statement is we are living the modern life, a reality set amidst kaleidoscope of principles and discernment. Food has been one of its tremendous factor anchoring the  culture of the modern society. And since we fancy wide ranges of flavor, while strolling the busy streets of Manila, we found ourselves indulging on a sinful and seductive burger handcrafted by G-SPOT Burger Bar. G-SPOT BURGER AND BAR Named after the Chef's name "Germaine" for "G" and "