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Tamago-Chi : Gangnam in Cainta

Fuelled by passion, the Korean wave continue to strike the country with energy and exuberance. Being introduced back on 2009 with their very first appearance in our local TV channels—the release of "Boys over flowers"—Filipinos developed a passion to find more about their culture and fashion. From what seemed like a small curiosity, it has grown to a perpetual affair—mostly shown by millennials—to run after their novelas, music and fashion trends. Even their food have also traversed the China sea to brace our demands. As part of the country where flavors represent different portions of history, with delightfulness, we embrace changes as the number of Korean restaurants become ubiquitous. Henceforth, If you are a person looking for a good and affordable "samgyeopsal"  with quality that will paint sunshine to your experience, well you might want to check this place situated along Ortigas. TAMAGO-CHI Nestling inside Kapstop Foodpark, anyone wit