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7 Things to do in Villa Elma | Hidden Paradise of Lucban

Home to the famous peak of Mt. Banahaw, Quezon Province offers more of untouched beauty from pristine coastline facing ravishing mountains that show a clear definition of an enchanting archipelago. The province is a popular pilgrimage site for different religious sects as it plays a big role to our culture. Boasting the majestic view of Mount Banahaw—considered as holy ground by locals—it has became a tourist attraction that mostly being observed during lenten season.  Lucban is also a destination for happy souls. Locals have an endless passion to express gratitude towards good harvest thru a gala they called "Pahiyas". People of Quezon is known for their heart-warming approach to all the blessings they receive. Walking along the street, your eyes will never fail to see historical beauty that will take you back to Japanese Occupation. Henceforth, if you are a person finding adrenaline rush or just simply seeking an escape from the bustling kaleidoscope of the met