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Kuta Bungliw: The Heart of Sierra Madre | Travel Guide at Daraitan, Tinipak Cave and Agos River

Fuelled by passion, the thrill-seeking souls heading towards the majestic peak of Daraitan have been marking the hiking destination map with endless footprints of relish and pride. Stretching a 57-kilometer distance from Manila, the enchanting beauty of Daraitan remains untouched as it sits decently over bed of Sierra Madre range. It is home to pristine waterway of Tinipak—a river exuberated by fresh alkaline water—and also to the fascinating stalagmites and stalactiles hiding inside ferocious cavern over foothills. Blueprinted by time,  Daraitan's geographical position help to build its popularity because of her peculiar beauty showing a bouyant combination between mountain, river and cave. If you are a person dreaming an escape from the bustling traffic of the metro, a thirsty soul seeking an oasis of relaxation, well Daraitan is not as far as "universe" to make you say "no".  As a testament, it is just an hour drive from the municipality of Tanay Ri