Wilder than you expect : Big Bad Wolf PH

        It was a rainy afternoon, streetlights up and down and the ground bathed with algid water as the sky seemed to pour her river-like tears endlessly. Though the road became alive with more splashes than my eyes could appreciate, yet together it brought such a soothing sound. The long lane lined with towering skycrapers combined with loud honking from rushing people driving their cars have fed my eyes a busy, yet a graceful afternoon along the city dubbed as "Home of Passionate Minds"—Bonifacio Global City. 

The clock was already at four when we arrived at Big Bad Wolf. Along with some fellow writers—who have been also battled the wet Saturday—we arrived at our destination. Its an extra ordinary Asian-fueled restaurant tucked within the busy kaleidoscope of  BGC. Anyone might notice it easily as they hold a name similar to a famous Malaysian book fair. Entering the property, I immediately surveyed the premises to behold a reinvigorating balance of Filipino-Spanish mixed architecture with some subtle footprints of innovation. 

Furnished by antiques and a couple of wooden tables, the interior of the restaurant became airy and nostalgic, echoing the bygone colonial era. I personally felt rocketed to another place as I tried to gain composure while taking perhaps a hundred pictures before finding a seat. Sitting in any table, you will feel utterly relaxed as they feature a very cozy and comfortable seats covered by the finest fabric imaginable. The ambiance resembles a true masterpiece lit by elegant lightings and populated by ubiquitous number of enticing woodarts.

A dramatic scene lying on second floor creates an enchantment as you find a drink passionately handcrafted by their pro bartender.

Braced by bewitching glam of the café, I started to brew up excitement to delve deep on their menu. My fingers flipped the pages straight to a vast array of their specialties. One look and I knew I would be having an expensive dinner. The figures were quite intimidating nevertheless served me a rationale behind its awaiting quality. Good thing that we met Jasper, Big Bad Wolf's Marketing Specialist who helped us get what best. Soon after allowing the latter to take over the decision-making, a plate carrying "Knuckle Porchetta" arrived. While other people chitchats seemed to waft over the whole place, we on our table, however, felt different. Caught in caucus of aromatic flavor, I took my breath sharply and stopped: the appealing texture of pork roast, banana leaf covered-rice and salsa resembles a "Not-so-Italian" dish simply because it was paired with rice. And take note, it was very tasty to have altogether in one bite!

Enchanting combination of sampalok leaf stuffed and smoked, sprout stir fry,
perfectly steamed rice covered by Banana Leaf and sampalok pickled cucumber salsa. Credit: knuckle porchetta at Php 480

Next, we tried their "Asian fried shrimp cocktail". Staring at this dish has reminded me of a similar Cantonese-Spanish cuisine called "Camaron Rebosado con Jamon", the only difference is the Ham.  Prominently composed of crisp shrimps, the flavors tucked between a hint of sweetness and herbs both harmonized by rich yet not overpoweringly sauce made from peanut,  "aligue"—a fatty meat harvested from crabs—and chilli garlic oil. My first mouthful was irresitably enticing that I can vouch how the flavors sprayed array of senses as I delved deeper into each pieces of succulent shirmp.

Ready to burst flavors accross your palette.
Credit: Asian Fries Shrimp Cocktail at Php 360

If you think we ended up tasting only two dishes, well theres more! As recommended, we also tasted their Peanut Pesto, Chicken Lasagna and many more!

Served on medieval-inspired plate, the taste has a nutty kick with balance of salt and humami lingering on your tastebuds with every bites. Credit: Peanut Pesto and Chicken Lasagna at 490  Composed of carabao curds, semi dried tomatoes, brown butter mushrooms, salsa picante.

Seafood Squid Ink Pasta at Php 590
-smoked oysters, market seafood, cilantro marinara

Cooked in onion, pepper, and a host of other ingredients, it flaunts great flavors that goes perfectly with piping hot rice.Credit: chiligarlic tapa. 520, Cured kitayama beef, chili garlic oil, leek fried rice, fried duck egg 

They also have a very interesting array of beverages, we were so lucky we tried some of their best!

barik lambanog, rosemay syrup, calamansi liqueur, basil and cucumber. Credit: Gayuma at 310 Php
llocos bugnay berry wine, housemade tonic, dalandan liqueur, chamomile liqueur and bitters. Credit: Bugnay Wine Spritz at 340 Php

Fresh pressed pear juice, lychee pandan syrup, housemade apple cinamon seltzer. Credit: Lychee Pear at 220 Php

So when do you plan to start your own gastronomic story?

Big Bad Wolf PH
Address: Forbes town Rd, 1634 Bonifacio Global City,  PH
Contact number: +639952380863
Operation Hour: 11:00AM to 02:00AM 
Facebook Page: Big Bad Wolf PH

Daghang Salamat!

Zedric Manuel



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