Presotea : Brew of Unimaginable wonders

Something new is brewing in Philippine Milk tea market –a fierce competition set off by this drink's wild vogue.

The robust growth of milk tea attraction is undoubtedly painting the status quo with new generation's attraction. As a testament, the total revenue in tea segment has already amounted to 2.5 Billion pesos as of 2019 Philippine Statistics. But before we drown to those figures, let me introduce you to this newest kick in trend – Presotea!


Brewed as a result from a smart unity of some of the most innovative business drivers, Presotea has traveled over sea to bring a wilder concoctions in milk tea industry. Originally wafted in Taiwan, they  ethically source organic crops from Good Young Ltd where high quality leaves underwent careful and responsible quality checks. The company basically uses professional methods mastered over decades of raising the finest tea leaves imaginable.

Unbeknownst to many, Presotea is more than what anyone could expect. They take extraction seriously as they uses Espresso Machine to professionally utilize all the distinct tea characteristics and flavors. Every cup is handcrafted using a marriage between traditional and modern procedures. What even makes them different from other competitors is the way they secure freshness. Every cup is brewed upon single order. In this procedure, tea has the chance to exuberate fresh notes of citrus and herbal flavors throughout our palate. Passionate about bringing the highest quality ; a cup of Presotea never make any regrets at all.

Raised responsibly from a wild spectrum of soil and climate, the processed leaves were freshly taken to each stores in a limited amount of time. Learning the tea as their major component, their goal has been and will always be producing the finest tea imaginable. 

Signature Fruit tea Fushion

So when do you plan to sip the flavors of perfection?

Facebook Page: Presotea Philippines
Stores: Robinsons Magnolia & SM Cherry Shaw
Click Here: Send Message

In photo collaboration with Nisal Ahid,

Daghang Salamat!




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