Fiery Style : Wilder than Flame

     While finding a fantastic Mexican food restaurant in Manila used to be a nearly impossible feat — these days, it seems there’s a worthwhile Fil-Mex Shop dotting Metro neighborhoods, well, just about everywhere!

Philippines is a gastronomic haven filled with distinctive flavors of wilderness. Her passion for food has been perpetually shown by an array of cultures confecting one local culinary tradition.

And since her archipelago lies on the wild bed of Pacific—prominently served as route for early colonizers—her culture became diversed. The rich history seemed to fuel up wilderness as the country grow with intact connection to Western culture. As a testament,  Spanish delights such as nachos and paella have ubiquitously seen over Filipino food map  nowadays. 

If you are a person having a big heart for steak and nachos, but still in search for the best, you might like to visit Fiery Style Restaurant. It is one of the latest cantinas to pop up, serving a full flavour fiesta to Mexican-food-craving locals in the Metro.


 The delicious aroma battles each passerby nostrils, making entry hard to resist. With name refering to an intense kitchen cooking, Fiery Style will always be a place to go! It will never break anyone's heart as they zeal to offer a marriage between Filipino and Tex-Mex delights.

Fiery Style opened it doors last wednesday. Also said to be the company's tenth branch, their perpetual dedication to reinforce legacy is a never-ending affair. Scaling an identity to keep up with growth seemed to be their major principle that is why they bring innovative amalgam of Tex-Mex cuisines.

As a modern food establishment, they believe that finding new ways to innovate food is a fundamental skill to nourish metamorphic Filipino lifestyle.


Prior to entry, you will be greeted by sweet aroma of garlic and chives. The place resembles delightful mariage between European and modern designs. It features elegant lighting coupled by dramatic displays showing rich tradition of Mexican culture. Sitting in any table, you will feel utterly relaxed as you face the dining area with high quality chairs and tables. Its a vivacious space with varied tables where you can freely choose an appopriate place that will fit either a couple or a small family gathering.

Housed in a bright, bricked wall-covered unit, the relaxed eatery’s portraits and wood decor is an Instagrammer’s dream. Even on a cloudy day, natural light bathed every table, making it perfect for those very necessary #foodporn photos.


The menu cradles a plethora of scrumptous delights. Choosing what to get is nearly impossible when all you get to see are irresistably enticing. Soon enough, a friendly staff came to us.  Caught in the caucus of  uncertainties, we requested for a starter first.

Braced with owner's commendation, a plate carrying Fiery Nachos slid on our table. The stainless pot positioned upside down gave us an awkward approach. Seconds passed, they removed the pot to reveal a dramatic kaleidoscope of chips, jalapenos and meat. Definitely a composure-breaking moment! 

Our tastebuds got to tingling with the chips and salsa. The tasty corn chips were crispy and perfectly salted, proving to be the perfect vessel for the fresh meat and veggies.

An enchanting combination of corn chips, nacho cheese sauce, guacomole, tomato salsa, beans, olives, jalapeños and for the meat, we decided to pair it with pulled pork. Credit: Fiery Nachos @ 388 pesos
Next, we noshed on their Buffalo Wings—or shall I say Buffalo balls? Well, this one reminds me well of dynamite that ubiquitously give colors to Filipino street food. Primarily feature chicken fillet and green chillies, this plate freezed me a bit. My reaction was tangled between excitement and confusion.  My tastebuds were bombarded with irresistable notes of humami with incredible yet not overpowering kick from the chillies.

Fiery Buffalo Wings Fillet Bombers at 268 Php.
The Combo Tres — a succulent slab of steak with sautéed chunky tomatoes and garlic in mango puree and for the rice, I opted to pair it with Java— was, on its own, worth the drive to Eastwood!

Combo Tres at 238 Php.
Combo Otso was also a hit! Prided by our own Sisig but infused with a twist of ala-Mexicana style. It also has chicken strips, southwest chips and a choice of rice. Definitely not a boring meal for anyone!

A dramatic plate of Combo Otso for only 288 Php
We were also able to try their Combo Uno. Composed by genuine size of grilled chicken, Jalapeno side salad and rice. My experience with it was bizarre! The flavors of herbs and spices were composure-breaking as I delved deeper into the soft and succulent meat. Truly, I have to say that I was more than astonished!

Who can resist such lust from Combo Uno for just 218 Php?
Combo Dos is crafted to suit a dynamic range of tastebuds as it feature a five ounced-rump steak with crispy squid rings, grilled tomato and your choice of rice. Well, this plate offers the best of sea and land. I definitely had too much love for the grilled tomato too!

Ambrosially crafted to exceed your expextations! Combo Dos at 228 Php.

For a non-stop exuberation, you can also catch their Bottomless Margarita, Mojito or Paloma for just 358 Php. SUPERB!!!

Indeed, our soul ended up flying through reinvigoration after what seemed an everlasting feast. It was a hearty experience for my tastebuds to savour such enormous kicks. Fiery Style Reataurant is truly a hangout for all foodies aiming to experience modern and classy yet affordable versions of our favorite Western-inspired dishes! Its also a good place to commemorate our varied culture and tradition. For just an hour or may be few minutes, if you happened to be just somewhere along the Metro, this gastronomic paradise is  within your reach!

So when you do you plan to delve deeper?

Fiery Style

Address: Second Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City
Contact number: +639064137945
Instagram: fierystyle
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun (11am-10pm)

Muchos Gracias!

Zedric Earl Manuel



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