Milktea is my guilty pleasure. It is something I buy when I'm sad, happy or just feel like rewarding myself. I've tried most if not all of the brands out there in the market and I have to say just like no two people are alike, when it comes to milktea I would have something I would prefer over the other based on my mood and taste for that day. For instance, there are days that I crave for Coco, days that I crave for Gongcha, Macao, Infinitea, Chatime and more.

Good thing SM CITY MANILA brought all of these stores together and i got to indulge and solve my milktea cravings.

Nothing’s stopping the milk tea craze at SM City Manila’sMilk Tea Rush party!
Your favorite brands were gathered in a week long celebration of the best milk teas in town and was capped off with fun games and overflowing milk tea.
Everything about this indulging drink was celebrated, from giant milk tea display, boba play area, and all you can drink games. Bloggers were also invited for a blind taste as they search for the best milk tea in #MilkTeaStories.
Here are all the milk tea brands you can find at SM City Manila:

Originating from the Vegas of China, Macao Imperial Tea takes a deeply rooted approach that highlights the mix of Macanese culture and a personalized experience. With over 350 branches worldwide, they promise every visit to be genuine, memorable and special.
They specialize in hot and cold Coffee, Tea, Milk Tea, Soda and Chocolate beverages. They are best known for their Chestnut Cream (Php 135) and Cream Series (Php 135) and of course, that adorable bear shaped cup.

Coco Fresh Tea is now the leading brand in the fresh tea industry. It has over 3,000 branches worldwide and continues to expand as they embrace tradition and innovation. Those long lines are worth the wait as Coco Fresh drinks are prepared fresh in store with every cup made of fresh fruits and whole leaf teas.
Their bestselling drinks are Panda Milk Tea (Php   ), Two Ladies (Php    ) and Three Buddies (Php   )

Their name stands for the best tea (, Cha) contributed to Emperor(, Gong) as Gong Cha provides the best service and products to everyone. Established in 1997 in Taiwan, the brand has become the number one tea franchise brand with over 1,500 stores worldwide.
Try their bestsellers Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon (Php 95)Gong Cha Milk Chocolate (Php 105)and Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly (Php 95).

Infinitea was established in 2011 as a food service company that specializes in milk tea production. They have the widest range of menu in the Philippine market with milk tea blends, fruit tea flavours, iced and blended drinks. A budget friendly drink need not save on quality as they only serve freshly brewed tea leaves and quality ingredients.
You should try Wintermelon Milk Tea (Php     ), or explore their bestselling Nutty Fudge Frappe (Php    ).

Hailing from Taiwan, Cha Time is one of the early milk tea brands in the country. They ensure that each drink is fresh as they are “shaken not stirred.” The brand is committed to innovation, being the first to introduce the now popular Brown Sugar Milk Tea. 
Other bestsellers to try are Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea (Php    ), Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea (Php      ), Taiwan Mango QQ (Php    ) and Taro Smoothie (Php      ).

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