They say Taiwan milktea has an edge over the other milktea places all over the world as theirs is the right blend and flavor that even the Filipino market came to enjoy and wish these milktea shops were also in the Philippines. Good news! One of the leading milktea places in Taiwan has already opened it's branch here in the Philippines. Wanna know where and what it is? Keep on reading...

GOOD GOOD PH is finally here in the Philippines and it is one if the milktea places that exudes authenticity plus it also raised the bar high as far as interiors and being eco friendly. This new shop is located at 49-C Scout Tobias Street, Brgy Laging Handa, Quezon City.

From the place, ambiance, service, and most specially the drinks this place exceeds expectations and is indeed true to it's name or even better coz it's not only good but it gives you a chance to enjoy your favorite milkteas, fruit teas and smoothies guilt free as they use the freshest ingredients and real fruits. 

Got the chance to talk to the owners and we admire their passion to be able to give Filipinos their guilty pleasures with the right mix of class, modern vibe and value for money. It gave me a different perspective over the growing trend of teas as this one takes that guilty feeling away. 

My favorite amongst their series are the fruit teas and the fruit shakes as they use fruits and not just artificial flavors. Their lid is sealed with paper seal as well so you  helped make a difference in your own small way when you buy a cup from them. Way to go!

Need i say more? Watch this video instead:

Check their MENU before heading to the shop:

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