Bulacan's pride: SUJEO RESTAURANT

Bulacan is a place where workers from the metro usually reside and acquire assets as it is very accessible and is also one of the provinces that would not be left behind when it comes to the food industry. Establishments small or big, known or upcoming is present in this beautiful place. Just like the metro samgyeopsal places are also evident and we have come across a gem in pulilan that got us HUNGRY BYAHEROS thinking if we are really in Bulacan. This restaurant can definitely compete with major Korean restaurants in the metro and the Bulacenos are lucky enough to be able to feast at SOJEO RESTAURANT.

So is it worth the travel? Read on to find out.


This restaurant made our travel worthwhile as we took each bite we were envious and hoping that they open a branch in Manila. The place exudes of class and we particularly loved that they serve not only UNLIMITED SAMGYEOPSAL but also HOTPOT.

UNLIMITED starts at 279 pesos !!!

πŸ₯“ UNLI Samgyeopsal
πŸ– UNLI Beef
🍚 UNLI Rice
πŸ₯— UNLI Lettuce
🍡 UNLI Soup
🍲 UNLI Kimchie
πŸ₯š UNLI Tamago
πŸ₯ UNLI Fish Cake
πŸ§€ UNLI Cheese
🍀 UNLI  Shrimp
πŸ— UNLI Korean Chicken
πŸ₯’ UNLI Cucumber
πŸ› UNLI Tofu
πŸ¦‘ UNLI Squid
πŸ₯” UNLI Potatoes
πŸ– UNLI Beef Bulgogi
🍑 UNLI Stew Balls
🐚 UNLI Clams
🎏 UNLI Dilis

Sujeo Restaurant
🚏Dona Remedios Highway, Sto. Cristo, Plaridel, Bulacan

⏰11:00AM - 11:00PM


✔️Dwaeji Gogi - 279 php
✔️Pork Bulgogi - 299 php
✔️Unlimited Triple S - 329 php
✔️Unli Mix - 359 php
✔️Unlimited Sugogi - 379 php
✔️Unlimited Beef Bulgogi - 399 php
✔️Unlimited Meat & Seafood - 499 php
✔️Shabu-shabu - 399php

If those photos are not enough to get you drooling then watch this video:

This is a totally great experience that we surely will go back for. The travel was definitely worth it as the place, staff and food was worth travelling for.

Thanks for making our Bulacan trip gastronomically fulfilling.



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