Chicken wings is a very popular part of chicken amongst Filipinos. No wonder unlimited chicken wings places are sprouting almost everywhere. We found a new place in Tondo that will make you rethink of how you envision Tondo as it's kitchen, ambiance plus good tasting chicken is winging it in this location.

Angel's QUOZZINE Diner is located at 1514 Narra St. Tondo Manila and if Tondo is a place you have not visited yet then this is will make your visit worthwhile as it will break all of the bad impressions you have about Tondo. 

5 Reasons why ANGEL's QUOZZINE is winging it in Tondo

1. Sparkling Clean Kitchen - This is the first thing that I have noticed and it elevated my perception about Tondo and made me feel excited to eat. This is even cleaner than our own kitchen and believe it or not this is not something usual for unli chicken places as most will have closed kitchen but here you will see the staff cook in the kitchen and you are sure that it is clean. After all, health is wealth.

2. Surprisingly quiet neighborhood- Unlike what we picture out in movies this side of Tondo has a quiet neighborhood where you can be at peace and enjoy eating your meal without worry or anxiety.

3. Airconditioned private room- Sweat is something you will definitely excrete especially that you are excited to eat their food but do not worry as for only 100pesos per hour you and your group can get to stay at their Airconditioned room that can fit up to 15-20 individuals.

4. Function Room at no cost - They even have a function room where you could stay and celebrate occasion at no additional cost. 

5. Variety of flavors to choose from- The flavors are a mix of unique and those that we have already come to love.

🍗Japanese Curry - sweet aromatic with hint of spicyness sauce made of japanese herbs and spices
🍗Classic Buffalo - sweet spicy barbecue sauce with tangy hint. 
🍗Mango Chutney Thai Curry - refreshingly sweet mango with kick of spicyness from Thai curry
🍗Buttered Garlic Parmesan - creamy garlic sauce topped with parmesan cheese
🍗Barbecue Teriyaki - japanese inspired sweet refreshing tangy sauce with a bit spicyness
🍗Honey Sriracha - tangy-sweet with a hint of garlic sauce
🍗Crack Lime Sauce - creamy barbecue sauce with lime after taste
🍗Bicol Xpress - creamy spicy sauce made with fresh spices. All time filipino favorite
🍗Spicy Adobo - another filipino favorite. Adobo sauce with a twist of cayenne and other herbs and spices
🍗Barbecue Bourbon - Barbecue taste with a twist of signature whiskeys and cracked peppercorn. 
🍗Creamy Salted Egg - a now popular fusion of salted egg converted into creamy sauce with added herbs and spices
🍗Orange Soda - something refreshing, sweet and sour with real orange juice.

Angel Quozzine Diner
📍1514 Narra St. Tondo Manila Between Mayhaligue St. & Bambang St. Near Chiang Kai Shek College
📞+63 9176516822
⏱️ 10:00am - 11:00pm
Php 228.00 PerHead

Aside from chicken they also serve other dishes like carbonara, nuggets and fries all perfect for the hungry in you!

Video's during our visit from HB FAM KC AND JANELA! 


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