When I was diagnosed with PCOS in my mind I thought clearing my skin from acne was close to impossible. There were days when I did not want to go out of our house to avoid criticism, being looked at or even getting advise from people on how to clear my face. 

It was taking a toll on my confidence and even life that I would not go out without having make up on. It usually takes me 1-2 hours to prepare before even just going to the grocery or running errands and I feel like those are time wasted that I could save if only I had clear skin.

After months of struggling I had to do something about it and I decided to visit a skincare clinic. I was searching and I found DERMCARE as it has affordable if not the most affordable package in the market. 

Along with constant visits to their clinic, I availed of some of their products and after 3-6 months my skin cleared .

I was able to go out without make up on again and I was confident with my skin.

DERMCARE Has Been In The Industry Taking Care Of Its Customer’s Skin For Three Decades Now. What Started As A Single Derma Clinic In Taft Avenue Manila, Is Now Serving Customers Though Its Branches Nationwide. All Through These Years, I’ve Been A Regular Client Of Dermcare Because Of Their Great Service, Excellent Products, And Affordability.

From a humble skin clinic and pharmacy, Dermcare has grown into one of the most reputable skincare and beauty product brands in the country. The company has maintained a well-versed research and development team that ceaselessly finds solutions for most dermatological conditions.

This month, Dermcare celebrated its 30th year anniversary and even expanded to more exclusive skincare products and services for its growing number of patrons. They introduced their brow and waxing hair removal services with Brow Hub and the Belle La Peau brands. This is in addition to their other known brands such as Dermcare Luxe Wellness and Spa ⁠, and Dermcare Professional.
Headed by Madam Zeny Palisoc, The Dermcare Group is very much ready and more passionate to make a greater mark in the health, beauty, and wellness industry. Along with their anniversary celebration, they unveiled the Dermcare Luxe which is similar to their Dermcare Professional Skin, Hair & Spa centers nationwide, only bigger and better.

They also have this new product called the Crystal White AO+. This is specifically made for people who are constantly exposed to the sun and other pollutants. Crystal white AO+ contains antioxidants and is equipped with the latest whitening formula.
Dermcare sourced this all-natural skin supplement from Japan and it boosts with grape seed extract, Solomon’s seal, Vitamin C, and resveratrol which benefits your skin in more ways than one.

This beauty clinic empowered me to be more confident and is doing the same for other women out there thru their Kwentong Filipina online campaign where they will share stories to inspire others. It will be launched this November and is an interactive community: .

"Beauty comes from within". Feel good, do good and look good! Visit the nearest DERMCARE clinic in your area!



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