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Wilder than you expect : Big Bad Wolf PH

        It was a rainy afternoon, streetlights up and down and the ground bathed with algid water as the sky seemed to pour her river-like tears endlessly. Though the road became alive with more splashes than my eyes could appreciate, yet together it brought such a soothing sound. The long lane lined with towering skycrapers combined with loud honking from rushing people driving their cars have fed my eyes a busy, yet a graceful afternoon along the city dubbed as "Home of Passionate Minds"—Bonifacio Global City.  The clock was already at four when we arrived at Big Bad Wolf. Along with some fellow writers—who have been also battled the wet Saturday—we arrived at our destination. Its an extra ordinary Asian-fueled restaurant tucked within the busy kaleidoscope of  BGC. Anyone might notice it easily as they hold a name similar to a famous Malaysian book fair. Entering the property, I immediately surveyed the premises to behold a reinvigorating balance of Filipino