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Take a trip back to History with BAMBIKE ECOTOURS

As a child I could not imagine how i could look back at my childhood if I did not learn how to bike. I can still remember how a bike was my inspiration to strive hard and be the Valedictorian of our class as I was promised by my parents that they would buy me a bicycle if I a.m on TOP of my class and so bicycles play an important part in my life. Experiences... that’s what we have to invest on this summer. I know summer is ending soon but it’s never too late to look for things to do that will make you remember the summer of 2019. Swimming, staycation, travel, are but some of the famous things to do during summer when the kids get a time out from school and parents would like to capitalize on this moment to bond with them and spend quality time. But what if the family is tight on budget as enrollment will soon start and fees are getting higher each year? What if they want to bond but can’t afford more than 500-1000 pesos? Here’s a suggestion on what that money ca