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November 20, 2019 - a night full of glam and celebration. Friends, partners and media gathered to celebrate BIOESSENCE @ 25. Attending this event made me feel proud to come from MINDANAO as the owner of BIOESSENCE started it's humble beginnings in DAVAO and now celebrating her victories in Metro Manila.

BIOESSENCE was started by Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero in 1994 and with over 32 branches Nationwide and 25 years in the industry of beauty and wellness.

The celebration was indeed fit for all ages as everyone was encouraged to come in their 20's flapper look and it was a JAZZ NIGHT filled with food and cocktails. Everyone was delighted to celebrate and participate in the different games and take selfies or groupies while seeing familiar or not so familiar faces around.

Some of the celebrities and influencers I was able to talk to were Janelle Tee and About Raf.


When I was diagnosed with PCOS in my mind I thought clearing my skin from acne was close to impossible. There were days when I did not want to go out of our house to avoid criticism, being looked at or even getting advise from people on how to clear my face. 
It was taking a toll on my confidence and even life that I would not go out without having make up on. It usually takes me 1-2 hours to prepare before even just going to the grocery or running errands and I feel like those are time wasted that I could save if only I had clear skin.
After months of struggling I had to do something about it and I decided to visit a skincare clinic. I was searching and I found DERMCARE as it has affordable if not the most affordable package in the market. 
Along with constant visits to their clinic, I availed of some of their products and after 3-6 months my skin cleared .
I was able to go out without make up on again and I was confident with my skin.

DERMCARE Has Been In The Industry Taking Care Of…