Mister Yum: Dynasty of Ardent Flavors

Misteryum Brings Affordable yet Delicious Food Since 2015

        I grew up eating a lot of Chinese food since my parents love it too so I have grown accustomed to dishes like Chow Mein, Wanton Noodle and the dumplings I actually crave for a lot but usually dishes like these are quite expensive and usually the cheaper counterpart is not really at par to ones I had as a child but luckily I was able to stumble upon a place that offer affordable Chinese cuisine in San Juan CIty!

Misteryum has been established since 2015 and it has been serving affordable Chinese cuisine ever since.

One of the things they do offer is that although their food is affordable it doesn’t skip on the taste and authenticity of food similar to the ones in Hongkong since the father of the owner has passed the recipes he had cooked back in Hongkong.

Their location is actually beside Santolan Town Center which is where most major transport units pass from Tanay going to Quiapo. It is quite small so the nearest landmark I can tell you is Santolan Town Center.

We were so honored to be able some of their food and taste how great they are. 

Wanton Noodle 
A scrumptious drama between succulent meat and veggies
This is actually one of my mother’s favorite dishes because its simple and clean taste is simply something I can have anytime of the day. Its taste is light and mellow in its soup and it also comes with dumplings filled with meat. The other thing I am surprised with their wanton noodle is that its perfect for sharing with your loved one because of how big the serving is. 

Fried Dumpling 

Crispy and delicate dumpling fried to perfection
Misteryum’s dumplings are actually 100% beef so its very filling and the amazing part about their fried dumpling is how crispy it is but it did not compromise the meat inside being flavorful and juicy.

You can enjoy this dish with rice or can opt out the rice and just enjoy it with their homemade chili.

Chow Mein 

The magic begins with the sweetness of onions, ginger and garlic layered in umami goodness of a light sauce of brown sugar, oyster sauce, soy, mushroom, chicken and the crunch of fresh vegetables with the tender strips of pork. 

Of course I won’t pass up the chance to try their Chow Mein which is one of my favorites. And this did not fail me with how flavorful the dish it and also how chewy and packed the noodles are along with the vegetable and meat mixed in it.

I actually enjoyed this with some rice but don’t judge me okay! I actually grew up eating chow mein this way. Either way you enjoy yours is up to your liking. 

Noodle Feast 

This probably the best deal ever!! Imagine sweet kaleidoscope of aroma greeting your nostril upon your entry

Definitely last but not the least is Noodle Feast which is one of Misteryum’s most popular dishes. It is a noodle dish that is topped with Chicken, Dumpling, Beef, and pork. It is also served with their special sauce that makes this dish the center of your party. The noodles are quite thick and flavorful with addition to any toppings I have mentioned earlier.

Their serving is great for 4-5 person depending on how big of a foodie you are. I would definitely recommend this for our upcoming family celebration because its just the right mix and flavor everyone in my family would love. 


This sweet Filipino Breakfast will surely take your heart away

Pares is the kind of dish that you would have a nostalgic feels to it. This is definitely my favorite from all the rice meals. The flavor is just right and also the sauce reminds me of another popular place where Pares is also served but this Pares is much more flavorful and the meat is so tender you don’t need to chew the food of how soft it is. One distinct aspect of their pares is also how long they cooked this and I think the meat was cooked the traditional way of letting it boil for several hours to make the meat very soft that even children can enjoy this. I do like that the sauce is quite sweet but not overwhelming to the palette so it can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

Rice Meals
If you prefer to have rice with your meal these are their must try:


Think of a popular fastfood chain chicken to this upon trying it and its amazing how different they can be to each other. The Fried Chicken actually is quite juicy on the inside and has flavor too and the skin has a crunch into it which I personally like. 


Just like the dumpling, I was quite surprised by how crunch yet packed with flavor this dish is. Their serving is definitely bigger than other places and they put in a special detail on their rice meals to be able to enjoy by everyone.

Overall our experience at MisterYum is one for the books because of their excellent dishes and how they put in their mind and heart in what their customers would like. It might be serving Chinoy dishes but the warmth of their preparation to each meal will be the outstanding quality in this establishment.

I will have to go back soon because I am seriously craving their Noodle feast again and I might bring along my family so it will be just like the old times. 

So when will you sail over these plates of goodness?

 Mister Yum

FB link: Mister Yum
Contact No.: +639556992922
Address: 262 Santolan Road, San Juan City

 Alice Mate
Creative writer



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