Teami : Dirty but Heavenly

"Indeed, Milk tea is and will always be an undying craze for everyone"

       There are days when you feel like sipping that cold milk tea or craving for that chewy boba pearls, right? Twenty Nineteen was technically the year for milk teas. Tons of milk tea shops have opened up, variety of flavors were offered, and your sugar-intake—we’d rather not talk about it. Let’s start this year right with a cup of creamy milk tea.

I’m pretty sure you will say that you’ve already tried almost all of the milk tea brands—maybe not yet. Or you’ll say that “they all taste the same”—think again. There’s a new milk tea shop that is really, really one for the books. My sugar-intake isn’t that high that you may think that I’m sugarcoating everything. Joking aside, you shouldn’t miss TEAMI Milk Tea because they offer different kind of milk tea that you will surely love.

Newest Branch at SM North Edsa Annex Bldg.

One of the few things that makes them different from others is that they don’t use creamer, they only use fresh milk for their products. Thus, makes the milk tea creamier, healthier, and tastier, who doesn’t like that? Their boba pearls are bomb. Sweet and softly cooked pearls are to die for. Perfecto! They really chose the perfect tagline: “Better Tea, Better Mi” (me).

The Captivating flavors of Oreo Brown Sugar

Last Sunday, Teami Milk Tea just opened their fourth branch in SM North Annex. If you’re looking for an Instagram-able or IG-worthy milk tea spot, you should definitely go here! Their fourth branch will give you that cozy and cute vibes because of its pastel-themed interior.

They even add succulents just to give the interior some color and life. Also, they have these hanging clouds that are use for the light bulbs. How cute is that?

Awe-inspiring flavors with just one sip
Their products are much affordable compared to other milk tea brands that I know. They also offer different kind of milk tea—Dirtea milk tea. A very unusual thing to say or name about your product but it’s actually what they are proud of. The name might be Dirtea, but the taste is yummy. It’s ironic but it’s true. It did taste yummy, though. 

These are the Dirtea flavors:
•    Mango Dirtea
•    Blueberry Dirtea
•    Strawberry Dirtea
•    Taro Dirtea
•    Brown Sugar Pearls Dirtea

 Visit them now!!

Facebook Page:
Address: Upper Ground Floor, North Edsa, Annex Building, Quezon City

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