MOFIT POWERBANK saves the day

As a mom and blogger one of the most essential thing for me besides my phone is a powerbank. There are days when I forget to charge my devices and I have 2-3 events and so a reliable powerbank would be the savior of that day. Since I am a full time blogger, I am usually at our province and brownout/blackout is one of the problem in our city. Good thing i found a reliable yet inexpensive partner for my charging needs- MOFIT!

MOFIT is a premium quality yet inexpensive international brand of mobile accessories. The simple but sophisticated designs are built to suit people's different lifestyles in the modern era.

MOFIT offers a wide variety of power banks and fast charging cables developed to fit and support the daily charging experiences of Filipinos. Considering the products’ uniqueness and features such as appearance, texture, capability, and safety, MOFIT is a total package for its consumers. MOFIT aims to be an inspiration to all in the mobile accessory industry in terms of quality and technology.

I have a total of 5 Mofit powerbanks of different color and capacity. This will definitely be my buddies for the entire year of travelling, foodblogs, mommy blogs and searching for affordable finds for my readers and followers(which i call fam/bes). 

Mofit has 3 models:

👉M201 which has 20000 MAH

👉M101 which has 10000 MAH 

👉M102 which has 10000 MAH without battery percentage indicator

My favorite amongst the 3 is the M201 because it's jampacked with 20000 MAH, plus it has an indicator showing the percentage of the battery left and most specially that it is lightweight and not too bulky.

It’s available in Lazada and Shopee
Visit for more details.
Thanks Mofit Philippines #MofitPH #MofitPowerbank 



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