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Tasting India inside Manila : Ponggal

       It's a sunday afternoon and I'm in the middle of nowhere as I count the buttons of a snug fabric but not skin tight red and blue chekered polo. The time is idle, nevertheless it's also a perfect timing to make the day less predictable. Everything is set and ready to go for somewhere else. Sun is brightly shining around two o' clock with some      raindrops showering from the sky. I didn't get the chance to count how many times this sweet phenomenon has taken the rain down to moisturize the humid air. The long road lined with old sasafras trees , the faded letters of delectable street signages and loud honking from rushing people driving their cars have fed my eyes a busy, yet a graceful and lovely afternoon. After around 30 minutes of travel, it seems like forever before I noticed that the car has stopped already. We finally arrived at our destination. As I grab my legs to move out of the car, I easily recognized an attractive dining set-up cover