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5 Tips on How to Avail up to 50% OFF on ZEN ROOMS Mega Flash Sale 11.11

To prepare for this special flash sale, here’s a list of tips and tricks to get the most out of your experience! 1. Sign up for exclusive early access Exclusive access matters!  Sale for Signed up members starts at 12 NN SGT on November 11! If you weren’t able to sign up for the sale, your favorite rooms may be fully sold out once public access opens at 3 PM later that day! 2. Mark your Calendars Imagine waking up and realizing that it’s October 11 already! You missed the member-exclusive sale and all your preferred ZEN Rooms got sold out! Oh no! Avoid this by setting an alarm at 12 NN SGT, October 10 and marking the date on your calendar as ZEN Rooms 10.10 MEGA Flash Sale. 3. Do your Research When flash sale starts, the rooms will be sold out in just a few minutes! It’s better to do research and choose which ZEN Rooms you’ll want to book before the sale so in just a few clicks


Chicken wings is a very popular part of chicken amongst Filipinos. No wonder unlimited chicken wings places are sprouting almost everywhere. We found a new place in Tondo that will make you rethink of how you envision Tondo as it's kitchen, ambiance plus good tasting chicken is winging it in this location. Angel's QUOZZINE Diner  is located at 1514 Narra St. Tondo Manila and if Tondo is a place you have not visited yet then this is will make your visit worthwhile as it will break all of the bad impressions you have about Tondo.  5 Reasons why ANGEL's QUOZZINE is winging it in Tondo 1. Sparkling Clean Kitchen - This is the first thing that I have noticed and it elevated my perception about Tondo and made me feel excited to eat. This is even cleaner than our own kitchen and believe it or not this is not something usual for unli chicken places as most will have closed kitchen but here you will see the staff cook in the kitchen and you are sure that it is c

MCDONALD's new indulgent holiday desserts

October 2019 – PHILIPPINES -. As the holiday season is fast approaching, give yourself a dose  of self-love by rewarding yourself to four new, rich, delicious desserts than you can enjoy  anytime of the day – the McDonald’s all-new Dreamy Delights: the Rich Chocolate Pie, Coffee  McFlurry with Oreo, Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls, and Milk Tea McFloat with Brown Sugar  Pearls. Enjoy McDonald’s NEW Indulgent Dreamy Delights Taking the main spotlight is McDonald’s Rich Chocolate Pie. Imagine sinking your teeth into a cocoa-flavored pie crust with hot, thick, luscious dark chocolate filling. The filling is especially made from cocoa beans from Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Ghana, making this a perfect luxurious holiday treat for just P39. Try the equally rich Coffee McFlurry with Oreo which is sure to keep you feeling fuzzy and  happy. Sweet and smooth, this is an indulgent combination of thick vanilla soft serve sundae  mixed with mild roast coffee syrup and crushed Ore

Bulacan's pride: SUJEO RESTAURANT

Bulacan is a place where workers from the metro usually reside and acquire assets as it is very accessible and is also one of the provinces that would not be left behind when it comes to the food industry. Establishments small or big, known or upcoming is present in this beautiful place. Just like the metro samgyeopsal places are also evident and we have come across a gem in pulilan that got us HUNGRY BYAHEROS thinking if we are really in Bulacan. This restaurant can definitely compete with major Korean restaurants in the metro and the Bulacenos are lucky enough to be able to feast at SOJEO RESTAURANT. So is it worth the travel? Read on to find out. HOW TO GET THERE: This restaurant made our travel worthwhile as we took each bite we were envious and hoping that they open a branch in Manila. The place exudes of class and we particularly loved that they serve not only UNLIMITED SAMGYEOPSAL but also HOTPOT. UNLIMITED starts at 279 pesos !!!