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Boss Seafood : Tasting Pacific

The Philippines is a gastronomic haven filled with distinctive wild flavors. And since her archipelago lies perfectly on the blue carpet of Pacific, it is not unusual for her locals to establish an intact connection with the sea.  Long overshadowed by its famous beaches,  the abundance of fresh seafoods is now sailing up its own identity over the food map. There is no doubt that the country is bursting with life and exuberence on its marine ecological life. If you are a person who fancy savouring fishes and shells but cant afford to be at some verdant places to satisfy cravings, you might want to check this amazing restaurant serving passionately handcrafted dishes without breaking any  purse. BOSS SEAFOOD Boss Seafood is situated inside Mosibaba―a foodpark nestling between the streets of Malamig and Kalayaan, not far from the city hall and most especially an accesible eatery that only needs a quick ride from any point of the metro.  Housing a number